Equipment Burden determines your character's mobility and affects your energy Regeneration. You can improve your Carry Load to preserve your preferred threshold via attributes.
An indicator at the bottom left of your character details screen shows your current equipment burden as follows:

  • Light Burden (Green): Highest mobility in the game, comparable to a Dark Souls medium build. Players on this category can execute attacks and dodges seamslessly in fluid combat (rogue-friendly)


  • Medium Burden (White): The average mobility in the game, it will feel like "fat rolling" to Dark Souls players. Players on this category can execute attacks and dodges almost seamlessly but will feel slow and clunky for dodging, so would likely favor heavier maces and weapons that have a heavy attack capable of knocking enemies down.


  • Heavy Burden (Yellow): The lowest mobility in the game, comparable to being overburdened in traditional RPGs such as Elder Scrolls. Players on this category will need to use a strong shield to repel attacks, since rolls will be ineffective, and will have to develop distraction and knockdown tactics to counter the faster Rhogar.


  • Overburdened: To exit this state, you will need to unequip gear. Navigate to your inventory and hit X on the item you wish to unequip. Please note your inventory carry capacity is limitless so your burden status is only related to your equipped gear.


Weight test with a max weight of 25
Light = 0 - 40% 0 - 10.00
Medium = 41 - 75% 10.05 - 18.75
Heavy = 76 - 100% 18.80 - 25

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