Infiltrator Lord1.png

HP: xxxx
Experience Awarded: xxxx
Drops Uras (Polesword) & Sealed Big Rune

Special Challenge: Defeating this boss before the fire goblets above the area are lit will result in you obtaining the an orange version of Uras
Note: You will always succeed in this challenge, as it currently does not seem to work?

The Infiltrator is in "The Portal" in the Abandoned Temple. It is a spider-like boss that is not very agile and has powerful attacks.
It also has the ability to create "formations" on the ground that heal its HP and keep the player away while it heals. It is however very weak to fire damage. The boss is marked as MapScrollIcon_small.png
18 in the map below


Attack Name
Attack Description
Throws a bunch of eggs which spawn floor creatures that can heal the boss or, if the player steps in them, will temporarily trap the player. I believe that destroying these also damages the boss' health.
Frontward Swipe
Infiltrator attacks 3 times in front of them. If you move behind them after the first attack, the boss will turn around towards you and finish the last 2 attacks in that direction. You can use this time to successfully dish out damage to the boss.
Leg Pound
The Infiltrator powerfully strikes the ground with whatever leg you are standing near, stunning you for a short amount of time.
This attack starts after depleting the first health tic. Stabs with its back 'leg' poisoning the player if hit.
The Infiltrator stands in the middle of some of the traps they have spawned and heals. This is a great time to get Massive damage in.1
Will leap a large distance at the player dealing high damage.


You can easily sit inbetween one of the Infiltrator's left or right legs and their back leg and attack them. Wait for them to use their "Frontward Swipe"'s second attack, then you have a good opening to attack them while they recover from the 3rd attack. You can also attack the Infiltrator while they are healing, just be wary of the traps.

Video Strategy :

Zane's Strategy (without shield)
Marmo's Stragey
defensive tactics (shield + axe)
*NOTE: I killed the Infiltrator by getting close and spamming the Blast Gauntlet with a Higher Fire Rune (breathes fire) in it. When my magic was empty, I popped a magic shard and did it again, and he was dead. The fire seems to be able to stunlock him and does immense damage.



1. Can someone test if the "Summon" attack is the same as the "Heal" attack we have listed?

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