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    • Anonymous

      Beast (Boss) - No special (Orange version) of Stain (Hammer)11 Jul 2016 17:47  

      Hey, I was looking it up on this wiki, and I realized that you do not have a special page for the epic version of the Stain hammer that you can obtain from the Beast for completing the challenge. I took the liberty of adding a bit of a description to the Beast Boss page, but the I didn't have permission to create an individual page and create a hyperlink...(if that is what their called). I'm not really a programmer, so I don't really know much about the wikis and stuff. Anyway, I thought I would bring it to your attention, not sure if I was over stepping my bounds or something, so if your not happy with it, change it back. Anyway, the stats of the Orange weapon I have are. At 24 Strenght Damage 131 Power 100% Energy 180% Weight 2.50 Slams the ground to poison foes. There are weapons that always leave a mark wherever they hit. Strength Requirement 18 Strength Scaling 9% Attack Speed 94% Critical Damage 100% Physical Damage +36 62 Magical Damage 0 Fire Damage 0 Poison Damage 69 Lightning Damage 0 Physical Block Damage 75% So ya, hope that helps. If you already knew that stuff, sorry for waisting your time. If you need help with something, I'll check back here every now and then. Good luck!

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