Controls in Lords of the Fallen details the different controls for the available platforms of the game. The three available platforms are the PS4 , Xbox One and PC.







Xbox One & PC

Default XBO.png 

 Alt XBO



W, A, S, D- Movement keys for forward, backward, move left and move right.

Mouse Movement- Camera view control

Middle Mouse - Locking target key.

Middle Mouse roll up/down - Switching/Changing of locked target.

Left Mouse Click - Light Attack Button

E Button - Heavy Attack Button

Block - Right Click Button

Q Button - The use of Shield/Magic Gauntlet/Fortify/Knock out of Balance/Counter

Space Button - Dodge [Use of the button when not in sprint]  / Jump [Use during Sprint]



Shift Button - Sprinting

Control Button - Walk

R Button - Use/Interaction

F Button - Cycle Through Weapon Set.

Y Button - Cycle Through Quick Items

1 Button(Not Numpad) - Use quick item.

X Button - Cycle through the available spells

2 Button - Use Ability

G Button - Change Gauntlet Mode

I Button - Character Screen

Esc Button - Game Menu



Notes and Trivia for Controls

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    • Anonymous

      Would be handy if someone added controls for PC. and not controllers. Game is available on PC but there is absolutly no info at all on keyboard / mouse controls. I'm finding it impossible to get past shield guards as I can't do a jump attack and can't find any info on how to do this one a PC. the only info is for controllers.

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