Bosses are powerful enemies that mark stages in Lords of the Fallen. They all have special challenges and rewards for defeating them in certain ways. Please see each boss page for strategies individual to the boss you are interested in.


First Warden


Location: Keystone Citadel Tutorial
Challenge: Defeat this boss without taking damage
DropsPersistence & Sealed Big Rune




Location: Square of the Heroes
Challenge: Defeat this boss without blocking
DropsCommander's ShieldArrowhead & Sealed Big Rune




Location: Graveyard
Challenge: Have the boss kill 2 of his own minions (it is harder to fail this challenge than succeed)
DropsClawfinger & Sealed Big Rune



Location: The Portal
Challenge: Defeat this boss without Crippled Rhogar lighting all torches at the top of the Portal (this is currently bugged and you can only succeed on this challenge)
DropsUras & Sealed Big Rune



Location: Cell Circle
Challenge: Defeat this boss without him being enraged (phase changes don't count against this)
DropsSting & Sealed Big Rune



Location: Square of the Heroes
Challenge: Defeat this boss without stepping into any poison pools
DropsStain & Sealed Big Rune 

The Guardian


Location: Eternal Flame (Abandoned Temple)
Challenge: Defeat this boss without knocking over any of the cauldrons
DropsFirewalker & Sealed Big Rune



Location: Chamber of Lies
Challenge: Get the final blow on this boss with a lightning weapon
DropsLightning & Sealed Big Rune

Lost Brothers


Location: Flooded Halls (Keystone Citadel)
Challenge: Kill the brothers in different orders to change the shield you receive.
Drops: Lighting or Fire Defender depending on who is killed last & Sealed Big Rune


Location: Top of the Keystone Citadel
Challenge: Defeat him without letting the boss kill any Infested, including with his fire attack from the balcony, or through life leaching after dropping down.

The Keeper

Location: Ancient Labyrinth

Consecrated Grave Key (Quest Item), one of three weapons based on the Keeper's initial magic type:

Fire: a Great Axe that scales with Faith - Between

Magic: a Polesword that scales with Agility - Scalpel

Lightning: a fist that scales with Strength. - Lithic Rising













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    • for the champion boss to beat him without enraging him it is best to hit him with the kite shield successfully and then attack when he is fazed from it. (tip: if you're using this strategy I advise you don't use the gauntlet nor using your magic against him.)

      • Anonymous

        For some reason, whenever I watch the video for the champion while playing the game, my game freezes up. Now, what is prety easy to do, is just write down the strategy and bam, no one has to have there game freeze up on them.

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