Deception_Magic.png "Deceiving the enemies and injuring them beyond recovery is the main focus of the deception magic type."

Single-target brutal offense and subversion is the hallmark of the Deception family of spells. Correctly used, Deception offers the highest damage output of any magic type, offset primarily by the fact that the damage its spells causes is typically to only one target. Strategic target removal isn't the only advantage Deception has, however; it also ofers players a spell to bypass enemy opposition and the most combat-focused version of Prayer, which boosts your Energy recovery when in use.


– "A motionless clone that attracts enemy attention to give Harkyn an advantage in combat. Increases energy recovery."


– "A phase of magic following you, copying your moves and dealing repeating the damage you've done."


– "A bloodseeking supernatural assassin that sprints towards its prey to severely damage it or take its life."


– "Harkyn moves into shadow dimension. Any attack he deals is devastating, but brings him back in to view."

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