Armor come in three types: light is stylized for nimble players, medium is desgigned after mage builds and and heavy represents “the look of a warrior”. Each armor set consist of four parts. Sometimes you find all in one place, sometimes you collect a set from various locations. Type and amount of armor you wear (you can equip parts independently) influences your weight, thus movement speed. The color of your weight value in your inventory screen is color-coded according to your equipment burden level. There are four levels of burden: light (green), medium (white), heavy (yellow) and overburden (red - with this one you can only walk around like a mule). There are armors that have special, hidden bonuses for wearing a full set (for example: Symmetry Armor Set boosts the damage with two-hand stance by 15%, Live Elements Armor Set increases the elemental resistance, etc.)

Click on the set name or image to open it's page.

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      "light is stylized for nimble players", "nimble" meaning being able to run at an average walk speed, as opposed to anything else, moving around with velocity comparable to a growing plant?

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