Items in Lords of the Fallen are divided into several categories depending on their usage and objective. Below are lists of all the items in the game.



Consumables are items that are depleted with one use and used by Harkyn on himself.

Image & Name Usage & Notes

Attribute_Point_Shard_small.jpg Attribute Point Shard

"The shard of enormous power, used by Monks and Scholars to ascend them to higher levels of consciousness. People whispering about the crystal share the same story. Story of the shard itself, tempting the Monks, urging them to free the essence within. The energy within this crystal cage doesn't want to be left imprisoned. You can feel the untamed power bursting inside."
Grants an additional attribute point.

Checkpoint_Shard_small.jpg Checkpoint Shard

"Description Here."

Energy_Shard_small.jpg Energy Shard

"The Messenger's Vigor. It is said to fortify the body of the user. For a short period, the consumer feels and increased influx of energy. You feel a delicate tingling of the shard, flashing in your palm. It's like the energy hidden inside is about to burst, releasing it's full potential."
Increases Energy regeneration for 30 seconds.

Fire_Resistance_Shard_small.jpg Fire Resistance Shard

"Flames are visible inside the glass fracture of the shard. Some say it is a primordial essence of fire itself, curbed during a dimensional clash and trapped within its crystal prison. It feels boiling hot, yet your skin doesn't suffuse. You feel the seething blood rushing through your veins. Your stomach is flaming but the sensation is soothing. You feel you could withstand internal flames."
Increases Fire resistance for 30 seconds.

Ghost_Merge_Shard_small.jpg Ghost Merge Shard

"The shard feels unnatural. You can't wash away the feeling that something is looking at you from inside the crystal. And it's your own face looking back at you. The central crystal looks like it was weaved from a myst or a cloud. Dabbing it with a finger brings a tingling sensation. You can feel its presence, like it's a part of your body, a phantom limb you have never had."
Brings back your ghost and its stored XP immediately.

Health_Potion_small.jpg Health Potion

Some call it a Widow's Nightcap, turning the grieving into banshees. Others call it a Devil's Hooch, granting the feeble-minded an unbearable hangover. But warriors using it in battle call it a Redeemer. It forces the heart to beat twice a fast, pumping twice the amount of adrenaline. It cures the wounds of body and mind. Use it wisely though - on a battlefield it's considered liquid gold.
Restores 75 Health, replenishes at checkpoints. Default carried amount varies between classes Find Empty Bottles to increase the amount of potions carried.
Reinforced by completing Injured Monk questline.

Lightning_Defense_Shard_small.jpg Lightning Resistance Shard

"A flashing globe, glittering even in the nocturnal dark. It is believed globes like this were able to power up ancient contrivances. The legend says the automatons were able to strike their enemies with powerful lightining bolts. You feel the globe vibrating. The energizing impulses touch the roots of your body. You feel like you could withstand a lightning strike with the wrath of the Gods. "
Increases Lightning resistance for 30 seconds.

Magic_Energy_Shard_small.jpg Magic Energy Shard

"The shard glows blue and the edges of the crystal are as sharp as ice. It looks like liquid stopped in motion. The shard is glowing gently and you can feel your inner Magicka resounding with the power held within. The shard is known for refilling a magus' sorcery power."
Increases Magic regeneration for 30 seconds.

Magic_Defense_Shard_small.jpg Magic Resistance Shard

"Also known as The Eye of Anostekeles. During the dark age of Hysteria, Anostekeles, through his magic and divinations, saved the people whose hair turned into spider web and feet transformed into pig hooves, granting them resistance to dark magic. The shard feels warm, sending hot waves through your body, resonating on the right frequencies."
Increases Magic Resistance for 30 seconds.

Poison_Defense_Shard_small.jpg Poison Resistance Shard

"The Globe is a little bit disgusting, a little bit sticky. The Crystal seems to be fitted with something vile, abominable or even repulsive. It leaves a sensation that your guts are filled with bugs or maggots. Yet, you feel like you could hold out to any kind of pestilence poured to your body without disgorging your own intestines."
Increases Poison resistance for 30 seconds.

Spell_Point_Shard_small.jpg Spell Point Shard

"Those of power call it The Call of Demons, as it was used by idolatress to enhance their ability to talk with demons. The Sabbath is long gone but you can still feel the power of the shard. Something's bubbling inside it. When you shake it, it feels like it's filled with liquid. You feel it's resonating with your magical powers. Break it to unleash its full potential."
Grants an additional spell point.

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