Attribute Point Shard


The shard of enormous power, used by monks and scholars to ascend them to higher levels of consciousness. People whispering about the crystal share the same story. Story of the shard itself tempting the monks, urging them to free the essence within. The energy within this crystal cage doesn't want to be left imprisoned. You can feel the untamed power bursting inside.

 Attribute Point Shard is a Consumable item in Lords of the Fallen. Consumable items are those that deplete on use




  • Grants an additional attribute point.




  • First Location, After you beat the First lord. One can be obtained in the lower level of the first watch tower. It has a chest that requires a rune to open. (IF you do not immediately take this shard) you can die then run back and recieve one and continue to do so for each one you take. Done enough times, you can have unlimited skill points. [Depending on how many times you go to it] However, if you disconnect after opening the chest or leave the area, the shard will no longer appear and you will have to wait till next play through to do it. [This method is similar to the potion duplication glitch in the very first room where your tutorial is.]
  • In West Antechamber (Rhogar Realm). Behind a locked door in a chest. Next to Ancient Plate.
  • In the Catacombs. In a chest above the checkpoint by the roundabout.
  • Reward for completing the Worshiper challenge crystal.
  • (NG+?) In chest in the room with two small spiders near the man who you cut off his arm. May only spawn if previous loot was acquired.




  • The cost of your next attribute point increases by 1 level as if you banked exp for an attribute point. It's best to save them until it takes a lot of exp for a single attribute point.
  • Atribute Point Shards have a chance to spawn randomly along other fixed loot from chests. (May be related to Luck stat, needs verifying)



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