Patches for Lords of the Fallen are recorded in this page, with the latest patch at the top of the list.

December 19th 2014

PS4 / Xbox One

Patch 1.4 notes: (1.2 for Consoles)

  • Fixed the Catacombs pit breaking the save file
  • Players cannot skip/exploit the tutorial Rhogar Marauder (sorry speedrunners!).
  • Fixed death while healing, which caused respawn in death pose.
  • Fixed the conditions for final boss special loot--it's actually doable now!
  • Commander boss becoming idle during fight is now extremely improbable.
  • Fixed the "die after respawn" issue both in Catacombs and in Solitude.
  • Post Chromashift setting is now optional.
  • Fixed a nasty visual bug when using Shelter spell.
  • Fixed Kaslo blocking the Planetarium entrance (#StopTheTappening).
  • Fixed Annihilator being permanently slowed down under certain conditions.
  • Saving the game without losing the Experience Multiplier is now possible (press L3 while saving), and regular saving does reset it.
  • Fixed the exploit allowing to keep Best permanently stunned.
  • Daze spell will no longer influence bosses, as it could easily have been exploited.
  • Fixed the triggering of cutscene with two imprisoned Monks in Catacombs.
  • Fixed the quest with Crippled Rhogar NPC, where under certain conditions, obtaining the reward was unnecessarily blocked.
  • The appearance of portal ending the Chamber of Lies made more intuitive.
  • Fixed the incorrect damage values displayed in Inventory.
  • Fixed Harkyn being able to pass through an intact secret breakable walls.
  • Fixed the unnatural contrast changes (especially visible in Keystone exteriors).
  • Fixed greatswords not dealing damage after parrying.
  • [PS4] Screen tearing significantly reduced.
  • [PC] Fixed several issues with disconnecting the gamepad controller.
  • Fixed the Catacombs bossfight arena lever inactive under certain conditions.
  • Fixed loot disappearing from chests upon death.
  • Tweaked the hitboxes for Champion boss.
  • Found and fixed few Hunter (crossbow) buggers who tried to shoot you through walls.
  • Fixed some locks disappearing from treasure chests.
  • Lowered frequency of "Patch is coming soon" message on Lords of the Fallen social pages.

November 13th 2014

Steam Update

Patch 1.3 Notes
We would like to announce that patch 1.3 was just released. A few options have been added to the in-game settings including separate setting for Chromatic Abberation (Post Chromashift). Major gameplay issues have been fixed with the update.

Full patch notes:

The following features have been added to the game:
  • Separate Chromatic Abberation setting (Post Chromashift)
  • Invert X-axis option
  • Toggle target switching after killing an enemy option
  • A warning message when the user enables very high resolution textures (performance and stability issues)

List of fixed technical issues:
  • Damage value displayed in the inventory when a non-physical weapon is equipped
  • Sudden contrast changes at the outdoor areas
  • Missing cursor when displaying message boxes in the game
  • The splash screens timings that were incorrect on some machines
  • Scaling for weapons with an attribute requirement lower than 10
  • First tutorial issue with message box not popping up
  • Chinese localization issue

List of fixed game design issues:
  • Planetarium issue where you could get stuck if you died and killed a foe simultaneously
  • Improved the catacombs pit issue fix- if a player is stuck down there, he will get teleported
  • Boss extro cutscenes that were triggered when the player and the boss died simultaneously
  • Incorrect respawn position after death if the player skipped the tutorial
  • Improved targeting when using Right Stick/button wheel
  • Rune of Adyr' issue; The rune has been removed from the inventory when starting NG+
  • Player position when approaching the first tutorial foe
  • The Crippled Rhogar quest issues; The NPC will now offer the mission even after the player has rejected his initial offer; The NPC will now correctly accept humans skulls in his initial conversation with the player
  • The crippled Rhogar voice-over after its death
  • Gate leading to Commander arena; Yetka will no longer close the gate if the enemies are not on the arena
  • The issue concerning the final boss falling through the floor
  • The random death after respawn during the final boss encounter
  • The Guardian boss weapon issue
  • The issue with the key to the Gardens being dropped too early
  • Model of portal leading to the Hand of God was changed
  • Chest in the First Warden arena was removed
  • Curse weapon issue; The weapon no longer grants additional luck attribute points
  • Exp multiplier; The multiplier now resets after either saving progress or banking exp. Please note that you can save the game without losing the multiplier by holding Left Stick/Shift while using the shard (health& health potions will not be refilled then)

November 4th 2014

Steam Update
Patch 1.2 Notes
A new patch for Lords of the Fallen was just released. It fixes the APEX DLL issue that users have encountered lately. The patch improves the game stability.

Patch notes:
- Improved game stability
- Advanced display settings are now saved after restart
- Fixed Catacombs door spawn point
- Fixed Catacombs pit issue- unfortunately, the fix does not get you out of the hole; it prevents occurrence of the issue.

We are still working on another patch that would improve other game stability & gameplay issues.

October 29th 2014

Steam Update
We would like to announce that the 'Nvidia turbulence' and v-sync options are now available in the advanced in-game video settings with the latest update. Disabling these options will improve the game performance and avoid most of the stability issues.
In order to disable the Nvidia turbulence, please do the following:
1. Launch the game
2. Enter advanced settings in options menu
3. Select 'Nvidia turbulence'
4. Switch the option to 'disabled'
5. Apply changes
6. Restart the game

If you are having problems with the options not being saved after restarting the game, please try changing and applying the settings using a gamepad. We are aware of this issue and it is going to be patched ASAP.

October 27th 2014
Lords of the Fallen – Day-One Update Changelog:

This will come up once the game is first played.
Improved general difficulty balancing
Text & voice over fixes and improvements
Incorrect despawn behaviour fixed
An issue with missing musics in the credits is fixed
Judge bossfight balancing updated
Challenge Arena tweaks
Camera clipping improved
Intro lengths for second visits corrected
The Blacksmith is now available after the Infiltrator
Savepoint problems fixed
The run, jump and jump attack tutorials now starts again if the player approaches the first savepoint in Old Monastery

Visual effects improvements
Animation improvements
General lighting improvements
Improved LODs
Reduced visual glitches
Improved collision mesh
Performance optimization
Reduced camera clipping
General texture improvements

Music & Sound
The wrong Boss music was played in some situations
Music & SFX volumes adjusted
Improved SFX timing

Platform Specific
PC: none
PS4: Fixed disappearing environment particle effects
Xbox One: Occasionally missing sounds are fixed

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