"The art of brawling is to overwhelm your opponent with pure force and mighty spells." Brawling_Magic.png

As a family of spells, the Brawling family is a set of spells best-used by characters that like to brute force their way through situations. With a buff ideal for battering through enemy guard, an offensive spell that breaks guard and pierces enemy lines, and the brutally effective (and unblockable) Quake, Brawler has more crowd control and more ways to smash oppsition than any other spell family. It also boasts arguably the most useful variant of Prayer, with a minor healing effect that makes it somewhat more versatile outside of combat.


– "A motionless clone that attracts enemy attention to give Harkyn advantage. Over time it will also restore some of your health."


– "A surrounding force that gives more damage, attack power and removes energy restrictions."


– "A powerful charging force that, apart from damaging, can stagger or knock down the enemies."


– "Your most powerful ally, coming down to help you and slam your enemies with a giant hammer, wreaking havoc."

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