Chests in Lords of the Fallen are special containers hiding away rewards for the player. They can be encountered in the open areas or by going through special portals after defeating enemy bosses. Some chests require the usage of runes to be unlocked. Other chests are opened with specific keys or by completing quests



Chest Locations

There are many chests in the dimension portals. View there Page here.

Keystone Citadel Toutorial (5)

    • During the first quest for the key, you'll come across a well-lit room, down some stairs to your left. Coming down the stairs, near the NW corner of the room are two bookcases hiding a semi-open gate. Roll through the bookcases and into the room to find a chest with an Empty Bottle.
    • After defeating the First Warden continue down until you can jump onto the base of the statue for the Northern Monastery Wing Door Key Head back to the room the game starts in go up the stairs like your headed to fight the boss instead of going in turn around and go to the right hand side of the stairs and look to the right you can run and jump across to the balcony hidden by a curtain keep going up this path to get to a door that requires the key and behind it the chest containing The Shard of the Heroes which can be used on/in one of the three statues where the Commander boss fight happens (preferably before fighting the boss this way the boss can destroy the statue you chose to get a weapon type of your choice Dagger, Sword, or Hammer)
    • In the room with the first breakable wall. Contains the Monk Staff.
    • In the first hidden room after the first breakable wall, you will enter a hall with spiders and infested and will eventually find a shortcut. Right in the opposite direction of the shortcut, after two small stairs is another breakable wall with a chest holding a Potion Bottle.
    • Downstairs before going outside.



Keystone Monastery (13)

    • After the poisoned monk, take the door to your right and defeat several enemies. be mindful of the demon spiders in the area. Some of the barrels hide an Energy Shard, and a chest near them holds the Hot Blood Armor Set.
    • Special locked chest (rune required) in the North Watchtower: Live Elements Armor Set & Attribute Shard
    • One in the Southern Watchtower containing the Lethal Secret Shortsword.
    • One in the Southern Watchtower containing the chest piece of the Live Elements Armor Set, the Pain hammer, and a Magical Energy Shard.
    • After gaining the audio note Gauntlet, two enemies will appear from ahead. One is an aggressive rogue type and the other an archer. Lure one enemy back to dispatch by himself. Then backtrack to the bridge near the Wall Gate and Injured Monk to find a chest amongst a group of three enemies. This chest contains the Symmetry Armor Set 
    • After your cutscene with Yetka about the Monk, go back to kill the archer and then down the stairs to find an enemy and the audiolog Fancy Looks. Also in this room, there is a chest with Lethal Secrets and a Fire Resistance Shard.
    • On the side of the room where the Live Elements Chest Armor room, you can drop down to obtain the Tower Key. Down the ramparts, there is a locked door behind which the audiolog Sixth Night is placed. Further ahead, behind an axe Rhogar, a chest holds the axe Fate
    • You may jump across the small gap and turn left to kill an enemy, jump a gap, and get to a chest with the Prejudice staff and a Small Sealed Rune
    • Follow the path after the Checkpoint after the Champion to the back side, the is a locked chest one the left side.
    • After the breakable wall to the right of the Citadel backdoor. Contains Blind.
    • Drop down the Burned watchtower
    • Near the checkpoint by the graveyard


Abandoned Temple (Rhogar Realm) (21)

    • By the big lever is a looked Chest. Needs Blacksmith' Chest Key.
    • In the Eastern Antechamber, there is a gap that can be jumped across in which you obtain a Magic Energy Shard.
    • Drop down and defeat the three enemies awaiting you. Find stairs leading up and look for an indented part of the floor that holds an Energy Shard. This same room allows you to jump across a gap towards a room with a rogue enemy and a chest, that contains the Lost Pike.
    • In the Panorama, there are two chests. After the Last Traitor Statue there will be some enemies and then another open circle area (similar to Eternal Flame). Kill the 2 difficult enemies there and open the chest on the right side containing Lurker Thrust.
    • The second Chest in the Panorama is inside the sealed rune door. It has an Empty Bottle inside.
    • In the Ancient Caves, in the same room where there are a Baby Spider and a Large Spider. In the left side of the room, there is a chest containing the staff Conceit.
    • After the finding, the first chest, go back the way you came but hug the right wall of the pitfall cave and head to the back towards the chest holding Griffin LegsSpellpoint Shard and Poison Resistance Shard.
    • In the Abandoned Range, from the checkpoint go straight and then left. Kill the enemies there (watch out as there are some in the bushes) and pick up the Magic Energy Shard and open the chest to receive Wisdom Legs, Wrist and the greataxe: Swing.
    • While going through a ridge in the Abandoned Range, after defeating the 2 archers you will encounter a chest which has Griffin Head and Wrist.
    • In the Sacred Hallways & The Portal area, next to the Blacksmith location is the chest containing Velocity and Fire Resistance Shard. Needs Blacksmith' Chest Key.
    • In the Sacred Hallways, after opening the iron gate inside the room would be a chest containing the Cunning Head, Chest, and Wrist.
    • In the Sacred Hallways, inside the room with the two Spiders and the lore, Cruel Species is a chest containing the Griffin Chest.
    • In the Altar Ruins, after killing the wizard there is a chest nearby containing Demon Assassin Chest or Effect Armor piece or Fallen Chest Armor.
    • After finishing the first part above, head into the door and kill the Ghost on the right. Head further right and kill the Large Archer and loot the chest next to him to get, Justice.
    • After killing the Ghost there is a pressure plate on the ground that opens the gate at the bottom of the stairs. Inside is a chest containing Nado.
    • After Killing the Large enemy at the top, pull the lever and loot the sealed rune chest containing Demon Assassin Legs and Head or Effect Armor pieces.
    • Go down from the top and turn left twice for an other chest.
    • In the Abandoned Range/Eternal Flame area, after a seal that needs to shot by a Gauntlet is a chest which contains Faith Chest and Head
    • Map: (work in progress)


Catacombs (11)

    • In the New Burial Chambers after entering in the right side, there is a rune door that holds a chest with the My Axe greataxe. 
    • In the Old Burial Chambers, after entering the door after the three enemies here has a chest with Grip.
    • Another room in the Old Burial Chamber with spider ambush has a chest that has Living Legend Head, Chest and Legs
    • In the Old Burial Chambers, near the Lore Purification is an open sealed rune chest that contains the Cold Blood Chest, Wrist and Legs.
    • After the killing the Large Rhogar and picking up the lore Care in the Well of Death. To the right, behind a wall is a chest containing the Harmony Armor Set.
    • In the Collapsed Tunnel in the room at the end of the Hallway. To reach the collapsed tunnel break through wooden boards in the Royal Tomb area with the two small spiders, or use the hallway opposite the soldier after the boss fight against the champion.
    • In the collapsed tunnel, in a looked room opend by a pressureplate.
    • After entering the Pit, there is a sealed rune chest containing the Scab
    • In the Cell Circle Checkpoint, go up the stairs, the chest has the Living Legend Head and Wrist and an Attribute Point Shard.
    • In the Cell Circle by the arguing monks you will find the chest that contains the Cell Key.
    • In the Beast's Cage during the revisit, once it opened inside is a chest which contains, Persistence Head and a Ghost Merge Shard.
    • Map: (work in progress)


Chamber of Lies (10)

    • In the Southern Edge after killing the small enemies jump a gap, to find the chest behind a corner.Watch out for the exploding fire dog. Visible from the northern edge.
    • In the Southern Edge go upstairs to the right. After killing the Wizard, open a chest and acquire Reminder and Fallen Wrist.
    • In the Southern Edge go upstairs to the left. After killing the Ghost, there is a chest at the end of the corridor containing Glow and Fallen Head and Legs
    • After entering the Chamber Entrance area on the right side is a chest which contains  Last Will and Fiery Witholder
    • After encountering the checkpoint in the Chamber Entrance, go up the stairs, eliminate the enemies and the chest you encounter contains the  Eternal Legend Head.
    • In the Eastern Gallery after killing a ghost and a wizard. Unlocking the door nearby will lead back to the checkpoint in the chamber entrance.
    • In the Northern Edge area, after entering the area head left and kill the two claw enemies. and grab the lore Their Image, to the left. Head through the now open door next to it, jump across and collect the Staff's Head from the chest 
    • In the Northern Edge area, near the spider infested hallway behind the sealed rune door will be a chest containing Weapon Hilt and Spine Slasher.
    • The Fallen Chest Armor is behind a sealed door in the Northern Edge area in the spider infested Hallway. To open it you need the Right Wing Key.
    • Above the spider hallway open the looked door by hitting it with the weapon hilt. The Chest contains Unity.
    • Map: (work in progress)


Keystone Citadel (16)

    • In the Main Hall area, after defeating the group of enemies containing a wizard the second door which is a sealed rune door contains a chest that requires the Main Hall Key. This contains The Cocoon.
    • From the Main Hall go to the old quaters and break the breakable wall on the right side of the room. Head into the next room, kill the enemy and use the pressure plate next to the Dimension Portal to open the locked door inside the room you opened with the breakable wall. You will acquire a Spell Point Shard and a Poison Resistance Shard.
    • Upstairs behind the breakable Wall. Contains the Will Armor Set.
    • 3 in the Planetarium Area,  Head back down the lift and then down the stairs to where the soldier was. Head through the now open door and kill the enemies below. There will be 2 locked chests in this room that will open with the Planetarium Chest Key (you will get this much later in the game) and one chest that contains the Harmony shield. The chests contain the  Persistence Chest, Legs and Wrist
    • Still, in the Planetarium Area, Head to the right and kill the two Rhogar there and open the chest at the back right of this room to acquire Dimensions Armor Set.
    • Still in the Planetarium Area, In the next room, there are more enemies, a locked chest, that also opens with the Planetarium Chest Key and a locked door that opens with a pressure plate.
    • Head back to the first room in the Planetarium and go left now. Use Prayer on the pressure plate and run back to the locked door to find the Blessing Armor Set.
    • During the revisitation of Keystone Citadel. In the Flooded Halls after speaking with Kaslo. Immediately behind you is a chest containing a Spell Point Shard and a Poison Resistance Shard.
    • In the starting area spawns a new chest opened with the Northern Monastery Wing Chest Key.
    • In the cellar in the room behind the locked door. The Key is on a the greatsword wielding guard by the big door leading to the Square of heros.
    • After using the Southern Trench Key, go downstairs and turn around. There is a chest behind a breakable wall. To unlook it hit the ghost.
    • Another one is found in the Penance area.
    • Another two are found in the Old Garden area.
    • Map: (work in progress)



Notes and Trivia about Chests

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