New Game Plus is a continued playthrough in Lords of the Fallen, and it starts automatically when you defeat the last boss.


After you beat the game (defeat the last boss), you can resume playing from the beginning with the same character. You can do it twice (NewGame+ and NewGame++), and after completing the game for the third time you need to create a new character slot. There are couple of things that change on NewGame+ and NewGame++. Enemies are stronger and yield more Experience. Second spell tree can be unlocked on NewGame+ and a third one on NewGame++. Also, there are items to be found only on NewGame+ (and one weapon on NewGame++). There are three “main” game endings (depicted by the main cinematic after defeating the final boss and meaning different endings of the war between humans and demons). Also, there are many more “side” endings (depicted by a simple cinematic where the narrator wraps up all the story threads).

Changes to the game

After your fight with the last boss, called Judge, you will watch a cutscene, and then you'll be back at the main game menu.
From the main menu you choose continue. Your save file will now have a NG+ notice.
Lords of the Fallen has a limit of 2 New Game Plus (NG+ and NG++).
From NG to NG+ the game difficulty increases, a new skill tree is unlocked and there will be new lore pieces to be found.
From NG+ to NG++ the game difficulty increases even more and another new skill tree is unlocked.
Chests that contain weapons or armour that already has been obtained contain random typed shards. In NG+ and NG++ Attribute Point Shards make it possible to reach very high levels. The chance of obtaining such shards is determined by the Luck Attribute of the player.

What will carry over to NG+

  • Weapons
  • Armors
  • Items
  • Normal runes
  • Experience
  • Magic


What doesn't carry over


Preparing for NG+

Try to reach level 50~60 before moving on to NG+ to make enemies not as difficult on the next cycle.
Remember to finish all your side quests before going into NG+. You can farm enemies in all locations for xp, simply by going in and out to other location via loading menu.
You should also use your Shard of Heroes if you haven't, since it will vanish with game start (you will receive a new one). Doing so you should consider raising your Luck Attribute.
You should explore for secrets now, as all your keys will be taken from you.
You should check the Lore page to determine if you are missing any audionotes.

New items and enemies in NG+




  • ???
  • ???

Trophies & Achivements

New Enemies

Area Name

New Items


New Enemies

Area Name

New Items


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    • Anonymous

      15 Jan 2021 20:46  

      LOTF is good but I really really liked HELLPOINT too, more than LOTF. Hellpoint is a bit rough around the edges but its an amazing game, in which you can access NG+ - NG+++++++ in your first playthrough of the game by using effigies to increase or lower the difficulty and amount of souls you get. I recommend going for a hybrid cognition build with the red saber & railgun with grenade launcher attachment, it is mind-blowingly fun. Red saber has GREAT leech, meaning you recover your energy for grenade shots very fast. Screw the shield, run and roll around blowing **** up, then go in for some quick heavy R2 red saber attacks to charge up, then blast em again. So very satisfying. Makes me wish I had a PS4 for bloodborne.

      • Anonymous

        15 Jan 2021 20:36  

        This game has been out for like 7 years and they still don't have a list of the new items/weapons in new game plus? There weren't nearly enough weapons in this game, I want to know if I can get better weapons in new game plus. It was a GREAT game for $4.50. Too short & too easy though, I didn't have to grind once. Thankfully it temporarily scratched my Dark Souls itch. I bought an xbox one just to play DS3, I'm glad I found games like this to play too.

        • Anonymous

          22 Jan 2020 22:44  

          So, after ng++ my character gets deleted? Wow, that's some*****move right there. Like, seriously, couldn't they just put unlimited ng+ with a specific difficulty cap like in dark souls?

          • Anonymous

            15 Jan 2019 23:02  

            Most stupid decision ever. Limiting ng+ is not a great ideainthis kind of games, where you want to farm items

            • Anonymous

              18 Jul 2017 00:44  

              So wait, you finish NG++ and then your character is locked? You can never go back in at an earlier checkpoint and just kill***** forever?

              • Anonymous

                New Game Plus11 Jul 2016 17:47  

                The only problem I have with this game is that you only get to play a new game plus twice, I get that some people don't like new game plus but that's why there's the option that just started in character and start from scratch but I like to have my rewards that I unlocked in the game and be able to use them from the beginning as many times as I want I hope they can put a download or a patch or something I will even pay for the DLC full price just to have unlimited playthroughs for New Game Plus

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