The Traveller


The Traveller Lore is a Lore collection in Lords of The Fallen. Lore collections are composed of audiobooks found via exploration of the game, and reveal information regarding specific subjects


Where to find The Traveller Lore

  • Time can be found in NG+/Chamber of Lies, first room after Guardian boss battle.
  • Chaos can be found in NG+/Chamber of Lies entered from Guardian boss battle, near checkpoint shard. Go upstairs.
  • Trapped can be found in NG+/At broken bridge, connecting both sides of Chamber of Lies. Going from Annihilator boss room, jump to another site. Be careful of little-exploding monster.
  • Fate can be found NG+/From checkpoint shard before Annihilator boss, look at another site of the chamber. You have to jump at the left side. There is a chest with loot and lore.
  • Observer can be found in NG+/At the platform just before the huge Rhogar boss (from Yetka quest)



After the War  ♦  Book of Justice  ♦  Dimensions  ♦  Greater Powers  ♦  Grim Places  ♦  In God We Trust  ♦  Infested Lore  ♦  Lords of the Fallen  ♦  Monk's Fate  ♦  My Vow  ♦  New Religion  ♦  Night Watch  ♦  Old Religion  ♦  Our New Home  ♦  Prisons  ♦  Tales of Old  ♦  The Plot  ♦  The Research  ♦  The Rhogar  ♦  Wanted


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