The Traveller

the_traveller-i_small.jpg Time

"What is time? A blink of an eye and eternity in equal amounts. I have been everywhere and seen everything. Looking at the shimmering surface of the runes, my mind seems to explode into a million shards. They invite me to play, to play with time itself. Should I follow their call, I wonder..."
Location: NG+/Chamber of Lies, first room after Guardian boss battle.

the_traveller-ii_small.jpg Chaos

"In the beginning it hurt to travel between the dimensions. Oh, the pain was unbearable. But it gets better. So much better. Why stay in one place, when all of time and space is wide open? I saw the chaos that binds everything and it is unlike anything else in any world."
Location: NG+/Chamber of Lies entered from Guardian boss battle, near checkpoint shard. Go upstairs.

the_traveller-iii_small.jpg Trapped

"The journey left me stranded. Old temples, existing forever. Forbidden chambers, frozen in eternity. My crystals have been taken, or will be taken. I need to build them anew. Forge them, craft them. I am trapped. A hammer and an anvil will make my new heartbeat, the sound of metal replacing a crystalline sparkle of a never-ending whirl."
Location: NG+/At broken bridge, connecting both sides of Chamber of Lies. Going from Annihilator boss room, jump to another site. Be careful of little exploding monster.

the_traveller-iv_small.jpg Fate

"I have already seen the end of everything. I know what happens to Judges and sinners. But is that the real end of just a chaotic image? If fate exists, it consists of millions of possibilities."
Location: NG+/From checkpoint shard before Annihilator boss, look at another site of chamber. You have to jump at the left site. There is chest with loot and lore.

the_traveller-v_small.jpg Observer

"No, nothing is written in stone. Except things written in stone, like on gravestones. But the outcome of all this, the end of the Judges, the fate of the gods... Who says it can't be changed by those who have the power? Not me, I'm just an observer now."
Location: NG+/At the platform just before huge Rhogar boss (from Yetka quest)

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