The Rhogar

the_roghar-villager_notes_small.jpg Villager Notes

"We can't stand against such force much longer. We must find a place to hide. A place with walls and soldiers. Mighty Antanas, we will be on our way. Please prepare for a few dozens of refugees."

Location: Found at the Monastery, in the ?? area.

the_roghar-monk_notes_small.jpg Monk Notes

"Dear father. The fires on the horizon., they are spreading towards our village I beg you... Be careful. Something evil is happening, I can feel that. You can always seek refuge here, in the Monastery. Whatever happens, Antanas can save us. Please... Please be safe...."

Location: Found at the Monastery, right before the First Warden boss fight. In the ?? area.

the_roghar-guard_notes_small.jpg Guard Notes

"This is getting out of hand. The villagers assemble in front of the monastery and demand admission. We can't let any more in. We will starve to death. Antanas ordered to close the gate. I understand his reasons, but... These are people... He's supposed to be the savior!"

Location: Found after the Commander boss fight. Next to the checkpoint, heading towards the graveyard.

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