New Religion Lore is a Lore collection in Lords of The Fallen. Lore collections are composed of audiobooks found via exploration of the game and reveal information regarding specific subjects


Where to find New Religion Lore

  • The Judges can be found in the Eastern Antechamber, upper floor. Writings on the wall, right next to bars blocking your way. Tested on NG, NG+, and NG++
  • The Lords can be found in the abandoned temple. If you go back from the portal to where the crippled rhogar first is, it is in the corridor to his left on the wall. (Wall writing)
  • The War can be found in the abandoned temple. On one of the walls in the altar ruins. (Wall writing)
  • The Triumphs can be found in the Chamber of Lies. Right after you enter on the left from the courtyard of the Guardian.
  • Prepare to Live can be found in the Chamber of Lies. Enter from the glowing stone rings flying around (where Yetka's questline takes you), climb all the stairs and go right. It's on the corridor wall.



After the War  ♦  Book of Justice  ♦  Dimensions  ♦  Greater Powers  ♦  Grim Places  ♦  In God We Trust  ♦  Infested Lore  ♦  Lords of the Fallen  ♦  Monk's Fate  ♦  My Vow  ♦  Night Watch  ♦  Old Religion  ♦  Our New Home  ♦  Prisons  ♦  Tales of Old  ♦  The Plot  ♦  The Research  ♦  The Rhogar  ♦  The Traveller  ♦  Wanted


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