New Religion

new_religion-i_small.jpg The Judges

So it came that after ages of slavery, three proud men defied Adyr, our God. They gave us a new sense of right and wrong. They told us how to live freely. Hence people called them the Judges.

Location: Eastern Antechamber, upper floor. Writings on the wall, right next to bars blocking your way. Tested on NG, NG+ and NG++

new_religion-the_lords_small.jpg The Lords

The Lords were sent upon the humans to crush the rebellion. There were no more believers or unbelievers - there was only death. Still, the Judges didn't fall back. They cried freedom. And Adyr's rage grew bigger and bigger.

Location: In the abandoned temple. If you go back from the portal to where the crippled rhogar first is, it is in the corridor to his left on the wall. (Wall writing)

new_religion-the_war_small.jpg The War

As the fire came down, the Judges didn't hesitate. They faced the Lords of the god. We all hid wherever we could, but they stayed and fought. When we came out of our hiding, the world was black and dead - but we were still alive. And we knew who we had to thank for it.

Location: In the abandoned temple. On one of the walls in the altar ruins. (Wall writing)

new_religion-the_triumphs_small.jpg The Triumphs

And the three brave men have defeated the last of the Lords, dilling Adyr's cup of rage. And he faced them himself on the battlefield. This was when the hateful god was defeated and the humanity triumphed!

Location: Chamber of Lies. Right after you enter on the left from the courtyard of the Guardian.

new_religion-prepare_to_live_small.jpg Prepare to Live

The Ancient Temple is gone, but it was a sign of old times anyway. Rhogar are gone as well and the god is no more. A new era has begun - the time of the Judges. We will build new temples to honour the Judges that have freed this world.

Location: Chamber of Lies. Enter from the glowing stone rings flying around (where Yetka's questline takes you), climb all the stairs and go right. It's on the corridor wall.

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