Trinkets in Lords of the Fallen provide the player with passive aid. Once equipped the player will receive the benefit of the Trinket until it is unequipped or replaced with another. Trinkets are found all over the game (some in NG+ or higher) and can have drastically different effects. Below is a list of the found Trinkets and what they do (the descriptions are very vague and further testing may be necessary).

Image & Name Details Location

Amulet of the Betrayer

Weapons deal 40% additional damage at the cost of HP (~5 HP / Hit) Located in the area where you fight boss. After saving 3 soldiers on your first visit, you will meet them in Western Antechamber. If you send them against the boss they will get killed and amulet will be near their bodies. If you tell them to get out they will give you the amulet then.

Back Breaker

Increases max equipment burden by 25% Found in a chest inside a Proving Grounds after beating the Worshiper Boss


Makes a noise when near secrets Available if you own the Monk's Descipher DLC

Dim hope

Periodically heals for approximately 10% health every 25-30 seconds. Found after freeing the prisoner in Cell 01 in the Catacombs, found in Cell 0.


Increases lowest five attributes by 2 and lowers highest attribute by 7 Found on corrosive brutes, but appears to be a relatively rare find.

Faithful Disciple

Increases magic recovery. Found in a chest inside a Treasure Chamber after beating the First Warden Boss

First Amulet of the Traveler

Silences Movement. Found in NG+ on an audio log from the Traveler



20% less magic, 20% more magic damage First visit to abandoned temples. In Panorama, after encounter a tyrant. Go upstairs and turn left, kill a few enemies. Reach the end and kill a fat crossbow dude and a alien-like monster, find the stair to downstairs. Explore and kill a few enemies including a heavy shield dude. There is a bar door that must be opened by a rune. Greed is in a chest.

Last Stretch

Adds a chance that you deal 50% - 75% more damage to enemies while attacking them. Very useful with the rogue ability "shift" due to increased one-hitting abilities.  Found in NG+ on an audio log from the Traveler


Regain health and magic on each kill.
+10 HP / +10 Magic
Acquired from giving Crippled Rhogar 30 Human Skulls and then killing him.

Life Leech

Regain a small amount of life (15 HP) on each kill. Found in a chest inside a Proving Grounds after beating the Champion Boss

Magic Leech

Regain a small amount of magic (15 MP) on each kill. Found after freeing the prisoner in Cell 0 in the Catacombs, found in Cell 01.

New Dawn

Adds 25% to max health. Checkpoint shards do not replenish this extra amount of health, but potions do. Note that this will occur during the rest of your game cycle EVEN if you take it off. It is unknown if this is a glitch or intended. Found in locked chest behind breakable wall in Penance area. Key obtained by attacking invisible ghost of a monk who doesn't know that he's dead.


Sharp Mind

Increases Critical attack damage. Found in NG+ on an audio log from the Traveler

The Great Burden

Grants 31% additional poise. Given to you by the Guard Captain in exchange for 4 Human Tatoos.
By Killing him while confronting Antanas.

The Keep

Slightly reduces damage taken. After defeating Infiltrator, there is a hound outside the Eternal Flame arena near the Statue that reads "for the one who stood up for us". If you attack it, it will run off down the path next to the statue all the way down and left till you can't go any further and will wait for you there. If you attack it you will be ambushed. If you survive the ambush you will receive this trinket.

external image XvM48PF


+25% dmg and -45% potion effect Kill Judge without letting him heal by consuming any Infested. Awarded at the beginning of the NG+.

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    • Anonymous

      When I put on betrayer I see no difference in damage dealt and I don't see any HP decreasing. I've tried several times and reloaded 10 times and been testing over and over. I like this game but too many bugs. Anyone else had this issue?

      • Anonymous

        Problem with the New Dawn trinket
        Hi guys, do you know what to do for get back the health that this
        item take away from you after you have equipped it?????

        • Anonymous

          The backbreaker trinkets gives a flat7 equipment capacity, not 25% tested between 25-34 weight capacities and all gave exactly 7 when I switched to it

          • Anonymous

            appears to drop from fire brutes too, had a corrosive and a fire brute in the eternal flame arena, the fire brute dropped Equalizer

            • Anonymous

              Hey! The Antagonist one isn't in the list, Im french and I don't know the english name but I have take a picture of it. I never get it before the 4 time I finish that game. I kill the judge without he have the time to summon anybody, maybe its the special drop of the boss.

              • Anonymous

                Can no longer use magic ,it appears to be stuck , anything to do with the Greed trinket , can it be fixed?

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