Magic Leech

  Regain a small amount of magic (15 MP) on each kill.

Magic Leech is a Trinket in Lords of the Fallen. They are items that provide the player with passive aid.


"Long ago, the cultists used to eat their opponents hearts to absorb their magicka. This trinket causes a similar effect without the unbearable stench and unnecessary mess. "



Regain a small amount of magic (15 MP) on each kill.


How to Acquire

 Found after freeing the prisoner in Cell 0 in the Catacombs, found in Cell 01. (Cell 01 is the Cell directly in front of the treasure chest and contains the actual Murderer. Cell 0 contains the Merchant who leaves Simon alone. [whose quest you receive at Keystone Citadel.] if you instead claim Dim Hope, which means you freed the Murderer, the quest Giver Simon is murdered by the Murderer you let loose.)



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