Runes are small items imbued with magic that can be slotted into several types of equipment, granting them extra stat bonus. Players find runes in chests and from enemies, and must bring them to the Crafter for breaking before they can be used. You can bet your gained experience to exponentially increase your chance to gain high quality runes. It is highly advised to always bet 1000xp on Big Sealed Runes to increase chances of obtaining a Flawless quality rune.
You may remove or replace runes freely at any point that you have access to the Crafter.

Sealed Runes

Sealed Runes

small_sealed_rune_small.jpg Small Sealed Rune

Obtained from enemies when killed.
Break at the Crafter
Unlocks Lesser, Common and Higher runes.
You may bet 0-500 xp points to try to improve the quality

big_sealed_rune_small.jpg Big Sealed Rune

Obtained from Bosses
Break at the Crafter
Unlocks Higher and Flawless runes.
You may bet 0-1000 xp points to try and guarantee Flawless quality.

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