This is a quick overview of main objectives for game completion in Lords of the Fallen. For in-depth item and quest details, see the Walkthrough page.
Please see the Speedrun Route for tips on how to finish the game in an hour.

Keystone Citadel Tutorial

  1. Open the door directly on the left after you killed the rhogar, then follow the path not missing the Giant key down stairs, return to the massive door and open it, fight and beat up your first boss, the First warden.
  2. Complete Northern Wing Challenge portal, pass through the Wall Gates Northern Wall and Northern Watchtower, obtain Gauntlet


Keystone Monastery

  1. Southern Wall: senpai Yetka, defeat Commander.
  2. Graveyard: Defeat Worshiper, talk to Kaslo


Abandoned Temple (Rhogar Realm)

  1. Cross the bridge and talk to The Crafter.
  2. Talk to Yetka before the locked gate. Two big levers are needed to open the gate which are located in Western and Eastern Antechambers.
  3. Proceed to The Panorama. There is a path on the wall that goes down. Follow the road until you're in Sacred Hallways.
  4. Defeat Infiltrator. Talk to Yetka. Follow the path next to Yetka and return to Graveyard.



  1. Defeat Champion. Unlock the boss room by pulling two big levers. One is located in Cell Circle and another one located right before the boss room gate in Monster Prison.
  2. Talk to the knight in Monster Prison (boss arena). Go through the door to Keystone Citadel.


Keystone Citadel

  1. Talk to Guard Captain in Inner Chamber. Take the lift on top of the spiral staircase. Talk to Kaslo.
  2. Make your way to Planetarium. Defeat the enemy right under the big sphere. Talk to Kaslo and Antanas.
  3. Go back to the staircase where you first entered Keystone Citadel from Catacombs. Open the seal on the huge door with your Gauntlet and go through to Square of the Heroes.
  4. Defeat Beast.


Chamber of Lies (Rhogar Realm)

  1. Go back to Graveyard and re-enter the Abandoned Temple (Rhogar Realm). Talk to Yetka.
  2. Choose: Follow Yetka's path or fight Guardian. (Guardian needs to be defeated either way but fighting Guardian right away (locks?) Yetka's quest) 
    1. Defeat Guardian. Open the seal with your Gauntlet and proceed to Chamber Entrance. 
    2. Go back to The Portal (Infiltrator boss room). Shoot the seal and go to Altar Ruins. Talk to Yetka. Open the door by pulling two levers. (Talk to Yetka??)
      1. Defeat Guardian. Open the seal with your Gauntlet and proceed to Chamber Entrance. Talk to Yetka.
  3. Way to the big dude is opened with two levers. Both located in Cave of Lies. Go to the big dude.
  4. Make your way to The Breach and defeat Annihilator.
  5. Take the dimension portal in the boss arena to enter Palm of God. Follow the path and at the end hit the projections to advance the dialog.


Keystone Citadel

  1.  Defeat Lost Brothers in Flooded Halls.
  2. Talk to The Crafter and choose what to do with Rune of Adyr (this choice will affect the ending).
  3. Get back to Keystone Citadel. Proceed to the spiral staircase lift.
  4. Defeat Judge.


Endings & New Game Plus

Possible endings are listed in the Endings page. Please be aware of spoilers.
Details on what to expect on your next game cycle are listed on the New Game Plus page. You can expect increased difficulty and new items, as well as more xp per enemy. There are only three game cycles in total.

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