This is a quick overview of main objectives for game completion in Lords of the Fallen. For in-depth item and quest details, see the Walkthrough page.
Please see the Speedrun Route for tips on how to finish the game in an hour.

Keystone Citadel Tutorial

  1. Open the door directly on the left after you killed the rhogar, then follow the path not missing the Giant key down stairs, return to the massive door and open it, fight and beat up your first boss, the First warden.
  2. Complete Northern Wing Challenge portal, pass through the Wall Gates Northern Wall and Northern Watchtower, obtain Gauntlet


Keystone Monastery

  1. Southern Wall: senpai Yetka, defeat Commander.
  2. Graveyard: Defeat Worshiper, talk to Kaslo


Abandoned Temple (Rhogar Realm)

  1. After opening the door continue on through the area on the left there is a way up go left at the top of the stairs and look for a statue at the statue take a right and down the path to continue
  2. ??



  1. Defeat the Champion
  2. ??


Chamber of Lies

  1. ??
  2. ??


Keystone Citadel

  1. ??
  2. ??


Endings & New Game Plus

Possible endings are listed in the Endings page. Please be aware of spoilers.
Details on what to expect on your next game cycle are listed on the New Game Plus page. You can expect increased difficulty and new items, as well as more xp per enemy. There are only three game cycles in total.

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