The Gauntlet is an item found early on in Lords of the Fallen (on the Northern Wall). It can be equipped on the player's shield hand and it can be used for special magic attacks that consume magic. It is also used later in the game to open doors blocked with an Orange Seal.


Magic Gauntlets in LOTF


  • Damage: 16
  • Magic Cost: 30
  • Weight: 0.5

With no upgrade simply knocks an enemy back with a very short ranged cone attack
Fire Runes- turn it into a flame thrower
Poison Runes- create poisonous blast that decreases enemy armor and slows
Magic Runes- create a short range blast that heals you for a large amount
Power Runes- cause you to slam the ground knocking enemies back and doing a little damage
Luck Runes- knocks enemies down and if killed the next spell costs no magic

  • Damage: 56
  • Magic Cost: 40
  • Weight: 0.5

Charges up to throw a low damage low area of effect bomb
Fire Runes- throws a relatively high damage fire bomb that hits enemies in an area
Poison Runes- Explodes on impact leaving poison pool on the ground to damage and slow enemies
Magic Runes- Throws an orb that rises and hovers in mid air continuing to shoot enemies, can be destroyed, but is best choice
Power Runes- Throws a large bomb that splits into multiple smaller bombs when landing
Luck Runes- Supposed to cause a distraction for the enemy however only seems to work right on minions

  • Damage: 40
  • Magic Cost: 35
  • Weight: 0.5

Fires quick missiles in direction of enemy, but most shields will reduce the damage
Fire Runes- Deals a large amount of damage and leaves enemy burning for a good amount of time
Poison Runes- Deals almost no damage, but leaves the enemy slowed and poisoned (very helpful against large shielded enemies if you are an agility master)
Magic Runes- Basically stuns the enemy, but does no damage
Power Runes- Huge damage and ignores shield. Flawless Power gets you 250 damage at any level
Luck Runes- Increases chances of item drops if shot hit/kills.


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    • Anonymous

      How many gauntlets i will have in all the game??? i will soon change them? or my first gauntlets will be the same all over the game

      • Anonymous

        The projectile with a flawless luck rune is quite efficient. It does a good amount of damages ( gotta check how much but I used it to kite the lost brothers boss fight ) and raise the chances of looting something from the enemy that has been hit/killed by the projectile ( also have to check if multiple hits improve the chance of looting ).

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