Damage 16
Magic Cost 30
Weight 0.5 0.50
Rune Slots 1

Blast is a Gauntlet in Lords of the Fallen. It can be equipped on the player's shield hand and it can be used for special magic attacks that consume magic. It is also used later in the game to open doors blocked with an Orange Seal.


The range of the blast mode isn't very long but the takedown chance and damage cone is significant.



  • Attack enemies from a distance
  • The effect of the gauntlet will change depending on the Runes slotted.



With no upgrade simply knocks an enemy back with a very short ranged cone attack

  • Fire Runes- turn it into a flamethrower
  • Poison Runes- create a poisonous blast that decreases enemy armor and slows
  • Magic Runes- create a short-range blast that heals you for a large amount
  • Power Runes- cause you to slam the ground knocking enemies back and doing a little damage
  • Luck Runes- knocks enemies down and if killed the next spell costs no magic



Notes/and Trivia

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Explosive  ♦  Gauntlets  ♦  Projectile


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