Attributes in Lords of the Fallen determine a player's effectiveness at certain actions within the game. Certain weapons and magic have attribute requirements and bonus scaling, meaning character builds are to be focused on the optimization of attributes to the selected gear. The following is a list of these Attributes and what they do.

Attribute Reset You may reset your attributes once per game by visiting the Keystone Monastery Three Heroes Square and approaching the statue, then trading the Shard of Heroes to it.


  • Affects not only the damage dealt with Strength based weapons but also slightly increases your ability to carry heavier gear.
  • Highest strength requirement = 34 (Peacemaker)



  • Determines the amount of your Health. It also has a slight effect on health potion effectiveness.
  • Vit growth is exponential rather than linear.
  • 110020 HP at 1000 VIT every 100 points gives +2000 hp. EX. 100 = 2020.   200 = 6020.   300 = 12020.



  • Increases the amount of Magic you can use with spells and the Gauntlet. It also boosts the damage of magical weapons.
  • Highest faith requirement = 26 (Stare)
  • Faith requirement for level 3 Quake/Shift/Punishment = 21



  • Affects the amount of Energy you have and significantly increases the ability to carry heavy gear.



  • Boosts the damage dealt with fast weapons, but also gives you a slight increase in Energy.
  • Highest agility requirement = 29 (Skull Scraper)



  • You will need more Luck to get better rewards for killing opponents, but it also helps you get better crafting materials.
  • ( 30 points will net you around an 85%+ chance to receive an Attribute Point Shard from chests in NG+ and NG++ that you've already looted the equipment from in NG )
  • The highest chance of getting a higher rune from small runes without adding experience is approximately 33% at 30 luck and does not increase beyond that.

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    • Anonymous

      You can easiely count how much XP will need for your upcoming Attributes.
      Every next required level XP of it will be +10% more. So basicaly 110% of what you can see.
      Example: you need 1000 XP for your next Attribute Point, then after you need 1100 XP (110% of 1000) then 1210 XP (110% of 1100) and so on.

      Formula for Attribute Banking XP:

      Next level XP = Actual level XP * 1,1

      This info can be useful when you plan to banking XP for Attribute Points, but you dont know how many you need for like the next 5 level. You count it then summary them and you aim for that XP.

      For Spell Points you need 115%, so *1,15 multiplier.

      • There is no cap whatsoever for any attribute, but luck does not have any effect beyond 30~40. Any attribute can be increased indefinitely and continues to increase their stats.

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