Secrets abound in Lords of the Fallen. The following are FAQs about secrets in the game, answered as best as possible. Please see our dedicated pages for questions beyond the ones listed here:

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How do I break through walls?

  • With *Shield* equipped Sprint at the wall in question and hit the block button just before you hit the wall. You may need to do it a few times. It doesn't always seem to work the first time.


Where are all the Breakable Walls?

  • The first breakable wall is located in the North Wing of Keystone Monastery. There is a room with two doors at the bottom of some stairs. There are three interconnected rooms inside. The center one is breakable and leads to the Cellars.
    • There is another breakable wall in the Cellar next to where the spider drops into a corner and where you found a human skull. Room contains an Empty Bottle.
  • The second breakable wall is in the Catacombs. In the Cell Circle there are lots of jail cells. You will be looking for the 11th one. There will be a Rhogar inside it and it will be open. This cell also contains an "altar" with human skulls and candles decorating it. Kill the Rhogar and break the wall to the right of where he is standing to discover Heirloom.
  • The third breakable wall is in the Old Gardens. You will need to find a key to access this area. From the checkpoint directly after the Commander boss fight, it will be to the right of the way you came to get to the checkpoint. There will be a Rhogar with a sword and shield blocking it, along with an audio note. Once inside go down the path and do an immediate 180 at the bottom. There will be a grave next to a wall. You can break this wall. There will be a ghost inside that if you attack will allow you access to the chest.
  • The key to Old gardens is looted on the captain after killing him.
  • Another breakable wall exists in the Old Quarters, it is hidden behind bookshelves, in the room where you fight a rogue and an infested just before entering the main hall of the citadel. You will notice a pressure plate and a challenge portal nearby. Break the wall, use prayer spell on the pressure plate and proceed through the locked door, opened by the pressure plate.
  • Another wall exists in the Citadel, in the room with wounded soldiers.
  • There is a breakable wall in the Backside Entrance where the two large enemies with shields are standing near the back door to the Citadel Main Hall. Looking at that door, it is immediately to the left.

Where is Heirloom and how do I upgrade it?

  • See the Heirloom page for video instructions on how to find and upgrade it. Heirloom is located behind a breakable wall in the Catacombs: Cell Circle. You can read above on where this wall is.
  • To upgrade it you must head down to the mines at the bottom of the Catacombs and find a room with a grave. Inside the room you will place Heirloom on the grave and it will upgrade it to a much more powerful version.


Where is the Shard of Heroes and what can I use it for?

  • The Shard of Heroes is located behind a locked door at the very beginning of the game. This door is hidden behind a hanging banner. Directly from where you begin the game you must go up the stairs, do a 180 degree turn and walk onto the railing of the balcony and jump into the banner (if you take a moment and watch you can faintly see the banner move, revealing a path behind). After that there is one more jump and then the locked door. The door is locked with the Northern Monastery Wing Key, which can be found in the Northern Wing, directly after the First Warden boss fight. After defeating the First Warden go down the stairs until you see a large statue in the middle of the room. The key is at the base of the statue and you must jump the railing to get to it.
  • The Shard of Heroes can be used in any of the statues in the Square of Heroes to respec your character into that Class. It can also be placed in any of these statues during the Commander or Beast boss fights to acquire different weapons. You can only use it one way, however, so choose wisely. Also note that you cannot take it with you to NG+ (all quest items are removed) so be sure to use it beforehand.


What is the Northern Monastery Wing Door Key for?

  • It unlocks the door that allows you to obtain the Shard of Heroes. Found by going down the staircase just after beating the 1st boss. You will notice a pickup in the middle of the stairwell on the way down. Jump the railing into the opening and grab the key.


What is the Northern Monastery Wing Chest Key for?

  • Opens the chest behind the locked door in the cellar. Key to the door is dropped from enemies on the final return to the Citadel.


What are the statues in the Rhogar Realm for and what do I do with them?

  • There are 4 statues in the Rhogar Realm that say "For the one who stood up for us". Inside each statue is a piece of the Last Traitor Armor Set. In order to retrieve these pieces you must obtain the Greathammer Tor. Tor is located on the ground inside the Chamber of Lies. It glows purple when you are near it. Once you have acquired Tor, equip it and attack each statue to acquire each piece. For locations of these statues, please see the Maps page.


What are the Human Skulls for and what do I do with them?

  • Once you have defeated Infiltrator, you can speak with an NPC named Crippled Rhogar who will ask you to bring him 15 Human Skulls in exchange for a shield. If you bring him 15 he will give you the orange version of Stance. You can kill him to get the purple version. After defeating Beast, he will move to the cliffs in the Rhogar Realm, right outside the Portal where you fought Infiltrator. If you give him 15 more Skulls, you will be attacked by Rhogar and he won't speak to you anymore. If you kill him after you defeat the Rhogar you will acquire the Trinket: Leech.


What are the Human Tattoos for?

  • After you speak with Antanas in the Citadel, the Guard Captain will ask you to dispatch a squad of deserters in the Rhogar Realm. He wants proof that they are dead before he gives you a reward. You need 4 Tattoos in order to claim this reward.


Where is the Injured Monk and What does he do?

  • If you save the Injured Monk near the walls towards the beginning of the game, he will reappear in the Citadel later on and you can speak with him. He will ask you to bring him 4 Tyrant Hearts and meet him in his laboratory, which is located at the bottom of the Southern Watchtower. If you do so, he will reinforce your Health Potions so they heal you more.


What is the cage behind Champion's arena and how do I get to it?

  • This is the cell that held Beast. You don't need Champion to smash through the wall during his boss fight, you simply need to head back to that location AFTER you have defeated Beast. There are some items there and a considerable amount of lore.


What is the Bloody Flint for?

  • The Bloody Flint allows you to light the signal fire atop the Burnt Watchtower. This will give you reinforcements later on in the game at the Citadel.


What happens when I light the Signal Fire?

  • Gain 1000 exp and reinforcements appear at Keystone Citadel, Talking with them will grant another 500 exp and also spawn the Hammer Hope on the location of the Signal Fire. Picking up the hammer grants another 1500 exp.


How do I open the Locked Chests with red runes on them?


What is the Staff Hilt and Staff Head for and how do I get them?

  • The Staff Hilt and Staff Head can be used to acquire the Staff: Unity. The Staff Hilt is located in a chest locked behind a sealed rune door in the Chamber of Lies. The Staff Head is located in a chest behind a gate that is opened with a lever near the checkpoint. The gate is across the endless pit and must be entered without leaving the area. This means the shortcut to that side MUST be opened first. Once both pieces are acquired, you must equip the staff head and approach a locked door that seemingly has no way to open in the middle of the Chamber of Lies. There is a jump you must make before it and the room is split down the middle with a gap in between. See the Staff Hilt and Staff Head pages for videos that show where these are.


What are the criteria for getting the Special Boss Weapons and what do I get?

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