"Originally created for Rhogar Infestors to protect them from accidental magical bursts. It enhances the magical essence of anyone who wears it."

Obtained From: Smashing the four statues that read "For the one who stood up for us" with the Tor (hammer). 2 Are in the Abandoned Temple and 2 are in the Chamber of Lies. 1 piece is obtained per statue broken.

Notes: This armor set is the same model as the Last Harmony Armor Set, but with a different color scheme.

Set Bonus: Spell damage is increased by 30% (Mysterious Gauntlet excluded).

Poise Wt. Defense
Phys Mag Fire Psn Lit
Last_Traitor_Armor-Head_Small.jpg socket.png 6 4.25 22 3 3 2 3
Last_Traitor_Armor-Chest_Small.jpg socket.png 23 7.50 20 5 5 4 5
Last_Traitor_Armor-Wrist_Small.jpg socket.png 6 3.00 11 4 4 4 4
Last_Traitor_Armor-Legs_Small.jpg socket.png 10 4.50 33 3 3 2 3
Totals 4 45 19.25 88 15 15 12 15

Last_Traitor_Armor-Head_Tooltip.jpg Last_Traitor_Armor-Chest_Tooltip.jpg Last_Traitor_Armor-Wrist_Tooltip.jpg Last_Traitor_Armor-Legs_Tooltip.jpg
Last_Traitor_Armor-Equipped.jpg Last_Traitor_Armor-Equipped_Back.jpg

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    • Anonymous

      24 Aug 2018 22:59  

      It does not increase ram, stab and shift damage. It INCREASES quake damage. I tested on lots of creatures by changing armor sets. What is the meaning of "spell" exactly? It is not gauntlet, it is not stab, it is not shift, it is not ram. What other damage dealing spells exist in this game? It is just quake. Maybe I miss something.

      • Anonymous

        Armor Set's bonus bug11 Jul 2016 17:46  

        I equip "Last traitor" set, but the bonus damage spell does not appear. WTF? Same with "Dimensions" set. Excuse my bad English, I use a translator.

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