Combat in Lords of the Fallen revolves around the careful consideration of Attributes and Equipment to create successful Builds. Enemies and Bosses will have specific resistances and movesets that must be considered for a successful encounter. Please see Equipment Burden for understanding how your equipment load affects your reaction speed.

There are two controller button layouts (plus keyboard and mouse). It is up to you which controls you use and all should work fine, but in case you need recommendation - the gamepad's “Default” is what most players picked. Weapon types and move sets Notice that all weapons have attribute requirements. It is possible to use the weapon without meeting the requirement, but the damage output is reduced proportionally. Also, certain things like unique weapon skills/perks will not work. The information about not meeting the requirement is clearly marked with red color in the weapon card. There are attacks universal for all weapons, like fast ones, heavy ones, roll attacks and leaping attacks, but also lots of them is contextual, like left-hand attacks with dual-wielded weapons, or two-handed attacks with two-handed weapons. All individual weapons have their own parameters of damage, reach, speed, attack power, etc. There are two skill-based attack mechanics universal for all weapons: perfect timing and charging of heavy attacks. To find a perfect timing window, try to chain your next attack around the end of a swing/stab of the one you've just executed. If you do it right, you will notice your energy bar blink, and the next chained attacks costs about 50% less energy.

NOTE: dual-wielded weapons have special animations with third (and next) consecutive perfect timed attacks. To charge your heavy attacks, just hold the attack button while carrying it out. This tactics is particularly useful with weapons that take longer to swing/stab. It consumes more energy and is visualized by “overcharging” the extra amount on your energy bar which then transforms into extra damage. Notice that you can toggle the “Favorite” status of each weapon, thus creating your own cycle of weapons to toggle through mid-combat.

Back stabs, Parrying and Riposting deal a tremendous amount of damage to an enemy. To back stab, you need to be directly behind your enemy and press the right hand light attack button (you must not be holding any other button in at this moment). To riposte an enemy you must first parry their attack. With a shield that can parry an enemy, press the left hand's heavy attack button while the enemy is swinging their weapon at you. If timed correctly, the enemy's attack will be interrupted as your shield intercepts their weapon and they will be stunned. Move in close to the enemies left side and press the right hand light attack button. This will begin the riposte animation. Move to the enemies right side and press the right hand light attack button for the back stab animation. These techniques are well worth the effort to learn because it will stop an attacker in their tracks, offering you a free turn to do massive damage.

Combat Stats

  • Attack Power: The power of damage output of the current setup
  • Attack Speed: The speed at which each swing of a weapon happens.
  • Poise: The total amount of poise from the current setup
  • Energy Consumption: How much energy is consumed per swing by the current setup.

Damage Types

  • Physical: The amount of damage inflicted as physical.
  • Magic: The amount of damage inflicted as magic.
  • Fire: The amount of damage inflicted as fire.
  • Poison: The amount of damage inflicted as poison.
  • Lightning: The amount of damage inflicted as lightning.

Defense Types

Armor and Block Damage Reduction for:
  • Physical: The amount of physical damage blocked (%).
  • Magic: The amount of magic damage blocked (%).
  • Fire: The amount of fire damage blocked (%).
  • Poison: The amount of poison damage blocked (%).
  • Lightning: The amount of lightning damage blocked (%).


This is Lord of the Fallen's Lock-On system. Activated by pressing the right analog stick on your controller, it will make Harkyn concentrate on one enemy that is marked.


This is Lord of the Fallen's Stamina. Performing attacks, blocking, rolling and sprinting drain your energy, so this resource must be managed properly for successful encounters.


Poise is the player and enemies' resistance to staggering. Armor and Shields determine your total poise value, that is often countered by weight and thus relevant to your equipment load.


Magic is the total amount of "mana" pool that the player has for casting spells. Magic regeneration is affected by trinkets, and the balanced use of this resource will be important for those focused on casting.

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