Injured Monk


Injured Monk is an NPCs you face in Lords of the Fallen. The Injured Monk is an NPC found by Harkyn on the Wall Gates area of the Monastery, after defeating the First Warden


 Injured Monk Information

The monk has been poisoned by Spider Venom, and the only solution is to cut his limb off, which he cannot do. Harkyn must chose to proceed with cutting the hand or not. 
If you save his life at the gate MapScrollIcon_small.png 7 . Then, meet him later inside the Citadel MapScrollIcon_small.png 17 . Then, meet him again in the bottom of one of the towers MapScrollIcon_small.png 18 (his laboratory). With enough Tyrant Hearts, he'll reinforce your Health Potion

  • Cut the hand: Rewards 500xp. NPC lives.
    • Further option: Gift NPC a Health Potion.
      • This permanently removes one of your potions, not just depleting it.
  • Don't cut the hand: He dies and you're out of luck.

Warning: Possible bug/poor design, if you don't have a potion to give him (or don't choose to give one), then go save/checkpoint and quit, when you load the game back up he will be dead.



Encounters With Injured Monk

  • Wall Gates - After Defeating the first warden.


Drops from Injured Monk

  • ?? 



Notes and Trivia For Injured Monk

  • ???



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