The Crafter  in Lords of the Fallen is an NPC blacksmith, identified by an anvil symbol, who can assist Harkyn to break Small Sealed Rune and Big Sealed Rune into usable runes. crafter-lords-of-the-fallen-wiki-guide


Crafter Location

The crafter is located by Harkyn in the Bridge Between Worlds, and will be found following the Pathway to the Rhogar Temple. This is achieved by:


Associated Quests:

You must complete a series of events and after this the crafter can be summoned to a variety of locations, making it easy for the player to access the smith. The events are:

  • You must kill the Infiltrator boss and obtain the Transportation Crystal, which when given to the smith will allow him to teleport between anvils.
  • The crafter is the character that will assist Harkyn in determining what to do with the Rune of Adyr, sealing the Endings.



This NPC cannot be harmed, and has no drops



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