Health Potion


Some call it a Widow's Nightcap, turning the grieving into banshees. Others call it a Devil's Hooch, granting the feeble-minded an unbearable hangover. But warriors using it in battle call it a Redeemer. It forces the heart to beat twice a fast, pumping twice the amount of adrenaline. It cures the wounds of body and mind. Use it wisely though - on a battlefield it's considered liquid gold.

 Health Potion Shard is a Consumable item in Lords of the Fallen. Consumable items are those that deplete on use




  • Restores 75 Health, fully replenishes at checkpoints upon death and will refill depending on the available shards at the checkpoint. The Shards at the checkpoint will also replenish with time.
  • Default carried amount varies between classes. Find Empty Bottles to increase the amount of potions carried.
  • Complete the Injured Monk questline and obtain Tyrant Hearts to reinforce your health potion.
  • The maximum number of Health Potions that can be achieved is 44, at the end of New Game++, and in conjunction with The Fountain Boost.
  • The default control setup has the button to chance the potion/spell the same as the use potion/spell, press to change and hold to use. You can go into the Options menu to change it so press uses the potion/spells, and the dpad will change them.




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