Ghost Merge Shard


"The shard feels unnatural. You can't wash away the feeling that something is looking at you from inside the crystal. And it's your own face looking back at you. The central crystal looks like it was weaved from a myst or a cloud. Dabbing it with a finger brings a tingling sensation. You can feel its presence, like it's a part of your body, a phantom limb you have never had."

 Attribute Point Shard is a Consumable item in Lords of the Fallen. Consumable items are those that deplete on use




  • Brings back your ghost and its stored XP immediately.




  • After tutorial enemy head up the stairs and turn left. Jump into a secret balcony. Right before the door to the Shard of Heroes.
  • Found in chest outside the entrance to the graveyard.
  • Near the checkpoint before the Infiltrator boss. In a chest in the area with two spiders.
  • (NG+) In the chest at the bottom of the stairs after first boss battle. If previous loot was collected.
  • (NG+) In the western antechamber chest. Right near the entrance. If precious loot was collected.




  • ????




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