Dim hope

  Regenerates 10% of your HP every 25 seconds

Dim hope is a Trinket in Lords of the Fallen. They are items that provide the player with passive aid.


"They say that hope dies last. The presumed origin of this amulet is hidden in the tales of old craftsmen. They believe that it was forged during the devastating besetment of castle Bakk by the Royal Blacksmith to protect his daughter from the dangerous enemy. "



  • Regenerates 10% of your HP every 25 seconds


How to Acquire

 Catacombs, Merchant & Thief - open cell 01 first, then find it in cell 0



  • Dim Hope often stops working. Re-equip the trinket to make it work again.


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    • Great trinket for maintaining your experience modifier.11 Jul 2016 17:47  

      With this you can avoid using potions, so you never have to reset your experience modifier due to low health. I recommend capping the modifier(x2.0) before fighting lords(dying and respawning will save the game and remove your modifier, exit the game if you die to prevent this)

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