20% less magic, 20% more magic damage

Greed is a Trinket in Lords of the Fallen. They are items that provide the player with passive aid.


"Greed is a powerful emotion that fuels only for a brief second. Those who seek its aid have to be aware of its consequences. "



20% less magic, 20% more magic damage


How to Acquire

Found in a chest in the Panorama after the defeat of Bulwark, Beastmaster, and Deceptor.

First visit to abandoned temples. In Panorama, after encountering a tyrant. Go upstairs and turn left, kill a few enemies. Reach the end and kill a fat crossbow dude and a alien-like monster, find the stair to downstairs. Explore and kill the few enemies including a heavy shield dude. There is a bar door that must be opened by a rune. Greed is in a chest.



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