Spell Point Shard


Those of power call it The Call of Demons, as it was used by idolatress to enhance their ability to speak with the demons. The Sabbath is long gone but you can still feel the power of the shard.
Something's bubbling inside it. When you shake it, it feels like it's filled with liquid. You feel it's resonating with your magical powers. Break it to unleash its full potential.

 Spell Point Shard is a Consumable item in Lords of the Fallen. Consumable items are those that deplete on use




  • Grants an additional attribute point.




  • Reward for completing the Worshiper challenge crystal.
  • In a chest behind you right before the Lost Brothers fight.




  • The cost of your next spell point increases by 1 level as if you banked exp for a spell point.
  • Spell Point Shards have a chance to spawn randomly along other fixed loot from chests. (May be related to Luck stat, needs verifying)




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