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  • Increases available health potions.
  • Permanently donated for certain quests.


  • Monastery: In the chest located in the room concealed by bookshelves, behind the pair of blind Rhogar down the stairs.
  • Monastery: Inside the demon door.
  • ???: After the commander, in a chest in the tower with the bonfire.
  • ???: After the commander, off the ledge on the bottom floor of the tower with the bonfire. No easy return after getting it, however.
  • ???: After the commander, left from the save shard, with the big shield guy and the rhogar/crossbower, in a chest requiring a rune.
  • Pathway: On the right side of The Eternal Flame (the large flat) area beyond the gate.
  • Pathway: In the second chamber on the right side of the hallway below The Panorama, i.e., up the stairs and to the left from The Eternal Flame, then down. Adjoins the western antechamber.
  • Demon Door you see right before the Infiltrator, access after defeating it.
  • Cellar: Behind the breakable wall in the back.
  • Catacombs: After the Beast is dead, return to where you fought the Champion in the Catacombs. The Empty Bottle can be found in the previously blocked off area, in a chest surrounded by 3 Audio Logs.

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