First Warden

First Warden1.png
Location Keystone Citadel
HP ???
Experience awarded 1250

First Warden is the first Boss you face in Lords of the Fallen.



 First Warden Information

This is a one-on-one fight with an enemy who has slow but heavy attacks. As the player chips away at the boss health, the First Warden will remove parts of his armor and alter his moveset until he eventually discards his shield and two-hands his weapon, executing a long "blade dance" combo that can be rather deadly. He is marked as MapScrollIcon_small.png 4 in the map below. After his defeat you will be able to access theDimensional Portal located in the area before his fight. 




This boss has a special weapon drop from taking no damage, and is a great chance to attempt the trophy. Simply wait until he uses his Sword Slam (even without the shock wave going forward) spam damage on him a couple of hits then go back until he uses Sword Slam again. It's easier to bait the Sword Slam if you stay medium distance from him. If you are too near, it will use Slash Combo and annoying unblockable shield bash and slash. If you are too far, it will do a charge shield bash attack. You can use a 100% block shield to defend your yourself against his Slash combo but only it first 2 blows and you need to back away fast. You will take no damage and still having chance to get the no damage trophy. 




Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Running Shield Bash The First Warden will run forward for a length and execute a shield bash that can break your guard and fully drain your energy.
Countered by keeping a healthy distance or rolling out of the way
Slash and Combos A diagonal slash that can be blocked. It will convert into a combination of up to four slashes if the player remains near the warden.
Countered by blocking, rolling, or backstepping.
Swift Shield Bash and Slash A rare move only used if you are too near and by it side. It quickly swing his shield to break your guard and slash you one time.
This is the hardest to dodge and prevent. Seriously mess up your chance for his orange version great sword and no damage challenge.
Sword Slam A strong slam of the First Warden's Sword that emits a forward linear shockwave. Later on in the fight, the length of the shockwave will grow.
Countered by sidestepping. Excellent opportunity to walk up to the boss and hit him since he is static immediately after the attack.
Blade Dance After a set amount of damage, the First Warden will discard his shield and two-hand his sword. He will then perform a lengthy set of attacks that are difficult to dodge or block.
Countered by staying at a safe distance away as the boss is performing it.


Drops For First Warden







Notes and Trivia For First Warden

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