Location Keystone Monastery
HP ???
Experience awarded 7560

The Worshiper is a Boss you face in Lords of the Fallen.



 Worshiper Information

The Worshiper boss is found at the Keystone Monastery area, in the Graveyard. He is large and uses plenty of AoE-based attacks. In the latter half of the fight, he will summon aid. He is marked as MapScrollIcon_small.png 
13 in the map below 



      Strategy For The Worshiper

When you start the fight, it may seem he has too much health and armor to him. Worry not, for there is a trick to it. Shields are your best friend in this fight. But his attacks go through them ever so slightly so keep an eye on your health. You will also need a heavy hitting weapon to switch into when you stun him, I'll explain in a second.

His first phase is simple: He will ether try to stun you and do a 2 hit combo that hits rather hard. Try to avoid the stun and get a good hit on him then immediately raise your shield. He may also do a ground stinger where he slams the blade into the ground and stabs you from the ground, just run around those. Try to chip away at his health until you hit the first marker. He will put blue lighting clouds on the ground and start to do a little chant. get into those shrines before he slams the ground or that is instant death. 

Now here is the fun part. You will notice you have 5 shrines dotted around the arena. Try and lure him over to a shrine and get him to do a ground pound on it. It will explode and stun him for a good amount of time. The second you see him doing a ground pound, switch to a heavy hitter and mash into him when he is stunned. You will have a very good amount of time to at least get one full notch of health out of him. Maybe a little more if you're lucky. 

In the second phase he will also summon his own little skeleton shrine things that will eventually explode to make a couple enemies. These are weak and he can actually kill them himself with his swings. 

Really, once you know the layout and timing, it is very easy to bait his attacks and have him follow you into a shrine. With a shield he does very little damage to you. 

2. Heirloom & Mimic 
Obtain Heirloom and upgrade it in the mines, use mimic and hit the boss with a strong two handed attack. The attack should hit twice (maybe a bug), with mimic that makes four attacks. Two hits should suffice on NG. 



Attacks For The Worshiper

Attack Name Attack Description
Eternal Damnation Once you get his health down past one of the health bar markers. He will get down and start a sort of "ritual" animation. During this, he summons blue pools around the map and has increased armor. These blue pools will damage the player while they are in it. After a while he will slam his weapon into the ground doing massive damage to everything in the entire arena. This will instantly kill you unless you stand in one of the shrines.  with 0 armor this attack does 5000 dmg on NG.
Watch out Below He slams the blunt of his weapon into the ground followed by him slamming the spike into the ground. Then a blue light will appear at the player's feet, after about 0.5 seconds a blade will shoot from the ground in the blue area. This will happen 3 times before the attack is complete. You will have a short window of time to attack him after all 3 blades have emerged.
Frontward Bash Standard attack, easy to roll through and hit him in the back. He does 2 semi-slow forward swings. If you dodge the first and are behind him he will likely miss the second swing.
Twisty Slice Very similar to the Frontward Bash but on the second attack he does much more rotating, effectively punishing those trying to literally stab him in the back.
Stunning smash He raises his weapon over his head then smashes the blunt on the ground, instantly stunning everything in an oval around him, the center being the weapon and not the Boss. He can and will follow-up this attack with the two listed above.
Warcry He will put his hands in the air and emit a loud "Warcry", summoning 2 golem-like enemies you fought on your way to the cemetery. This is a good chance to attack him.



Drops For Worshiper


Map For The Worshiper



Notes and Trivia For Worshiper

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      Hah "hey blue things stun you" 2nd phase "hey stand on the blue things" Thank you dark so.. ehh lords of the fallen

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        23 Apr 2019 03:49  

        I love this boss design. It would be better to give to player more interesting clawfinger with more special attacks and spells (with "Watch out Below" and "Ground Smash"; and "Warcry" spell, and throwing exploding magic skulls for the ugly looking magic gauntlet) , but in DS-like games we get only pathetic crumbs of boss powers every time (I don't speak about "press X to win", but about design, versatility, weapons with many interesting special attacks, abilities and spells, etc., not only with one special attack per weapon when boss has 4 and more special attacks and spells). Damn!

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