First Warden1.png
Location Keystone Monastery
HP 1185
Experience awarded 6840

The Commander is a Boss you face in Lords of the Fallen.



 Commander Information

Found in the Square of the Heroes in the Monastery, this boss has several varied attacks with a long reach. He often summons enemies to aid him in battle. He is marked as MapScrollIcon_small.png 10 in the map below 



      Strategy For The Commander

Stay close to him, just waltz a little with him until he performs 'Shield Smash'. Roll away from the tremor and go in to attack. 
You will only be able to sneak in 1 to 3 attacks depending on your weaponry (Using your gauntlet is also a viable alternative).
Staying close to The Commander lowers the chances of him casting lengthy, abilities that provide you with no opportunity to do any damage. 
When he casts 'Ally Summon', just kill the enemies that he summons, and continue fighting. Make it snappy though or else he will 
come back up and you'll have to deal with multiple enemies, which is very pesky. Other than that the fight is mind numbing, but after a few tries at this fight, 
the feeling of accomplishment is definitely there. 



Attacks For The Commander

Attack Name Attack Description
Shield Smash The Commander smashes his shield on the ground, causing a tremor that will knock you back. The tremor causes large balls of light to fall from the sky which deal
damage on impact, you can avoid these by sitting near his backside after he finishes the initial tremor AoE.
Forward Lunge The Commander Lunges at you with his sword covering a large distance forward, doing a mediocre amount of damage. Easily side-stepped or side-rolled.
Slash Combo The Commander Slashes twice, doing damage. You can easily avoid this by keeping your distance or dodging.
Magic Wave The Commander winds up his blade which will shoot 1-2 waves of magic. This move can hit you 2-4 time if you got hit by it blade and it waves together at the same time when you are too close.
You can dodge each wave by rolling, but the higher wave can be blocked with a shield.
This is the hardest to dodge and easier to block but if you want to win it challenge, don't block. Start running to it left as soon as you see it swing his twirl his sword.
Ally Summon The Commander plants his sword into the ground, which summons 1 to 2 enemies, depending on how low his health bar is.
He will also deliver another tremor at his feet, and immerse himself in a circle of shields. You cannot attack through these shields.
Depending on his health bar, he will summon: 1 large but slow enemy, 1 fast enemy, or 1 of each.
Side Note: if you don't kill the spawned enemies fast enough the Commander will just come out of his wall of shields, and you will have to deal with 2 enemies.
Shield projectiles. Plants his sword in the ground and hides behind his shield, it will fire 5 projectiles in an arc in the directions it's facing. You can sit behind him and attack him while he is firing the projectiles.
Homing missiles The commanders emits a really weird sounds then points his swords at you, which will soon send a ray of energy that will track onto you with decent capacity. Cannot hit you if you are close to him when it's fired, so just run at him and hit him.



Drops For Commander



Map For The Commander



Notes and Trivia For Commander

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    • Anonymous

      11 Jul 2016 11:46  

      Blocking with weapons actually counted as blocking with shield because I didn't get the orange version of the Commander Shield at the end of the fight. I used Persistence great sword and blocked a few time. Special Challenge: Defeating this boss without using your shield will result in you obtaining the an orange version of the Commander Shield

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