My Vow

my_vow-i_swear_to_her_small.jpg I swear to Her

Berinon is growing up so fast. He already started to walk. He enjoys it, he's laughing with every step. It hurts to look into his eyes, for they are his mother's. Sometimes it feels like she is still here... in him. And look at me. But she is gone. Taken by evil that shall have no place in this world anymore. I will see to it.
Location: In the Citadel. All the way on top where you first meet Antanas.


I swear to Him

How could this have happened... First his mother... now my little Berinon... The anger I feel is relentless. It burns in my heart, brighter with every passing day. Where did it come from, this rage? Did I enter the world with it? Or are demons possessing me? Give me the strength to endure this. Give me strength to banish all evil.
Location: In the "Beast Cage" (Catacombs) after you killed the Beast /TaRe

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