This page lists known issues and general warnings to players. Please report bugs on the Official Bug Report Forum.
If you are on PS4, it is highly recommended to use the Playstation Plus cloud save feature so your progress can be backed up to the cloud. This can help you revert to a restore point if for any reason you have the misfortune of getting an unresolved gamebreaking issue.

Game Breaking

Section 1:

The causes of these issues are known, you can avoid them!:

  • Going into the Catacombs from the Keystone Monastery "Burnt Watchtower" shortcut (locked door near mark N.12 on the map) will bug your game into an inescapable death loop. ((Thread here)
  • Falling in a pit in the Catacombs will respawn you in the pit and trap you there. (thread here)
  • Dying in the explosion of the last enemy during the Planetarium Quest will not respawn enemies and stuck the NPC on an incomplete main quest. (Thread Here
  • Poison effects on bosses can bug your game permanently if the boss dies while you are respawning. (Thread here
  • Dying to a fire effect on the last boss may trigger an infinite death loop. (Thread here)
  • You can´t load your savefile If you´re not connected to PSN and have the DLC installed. Without DLC playing offline works fine.

Section 2:

The causes of these issues are unknown, please help by reporting them!

  • Taking fire damage crashes the game. (Thread here)
  • Weapon becomes invisible and you cannot attack anymore. (Thread here)
  • After dying to the two grunts on the big square after going through the Yetka's gate, after the respawn the gate will not open fully without any option to pass further, as the lever is already marked as used.
  • Killing Antanas during this quest does not complete the objective and Antanas stays dead even after re-loading the game. (Some sound just like standing next to a checkpoint might warn you from this bug)

Non-Gamebreaking Crashes

  • Game crashes when the fire monsters gets in close during dimension portals. (Thread here)

Quest Bugs

  • When talking to the monk whom issues you the '3 Signs of Antanas Quest', the trinket given does not enter your inventory. You can proceed and find all 3 signs but on returning to the monk and choosing the dialogue option "I have found all 3 signs", he attempts to give you the 'compass' and remove the trinket from your inventory. But due to the trinket not being there, the game freezes up and must be quit to the main menu losing all progress since last checkpoint save.
  • If you don't use Yetka's Dagger for her quest, it will not be removed from your inventory and you won't obtain a new one, but it will not work for NG+ quest. (Thread here)
  • Planetarium Quest: If you don´t kill all the Rhogar right away in the Planetarium you might not be able to finish the quest since some enemies can be teleported into a wall and thus survive.

Graphic or Motion bugs

  • Picking up the Gauntlet may cause your game to become unresponsive. (Thread here)
  • Enemies may float on the Keystone Citadel area. (Thread here)
  • Being able to walk onto the Infiltrator with certain moves
  • Enemies may be sucked onto the ceiling in the Keystone Citadel area.

Sound or Voices bugs

  • Voice-sounds can just stop working in-game
  • Enemies still make a "grunt" sound after they are killed - even when walking over their bodies (every time)

Invincibility Bugs


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    • Anonymous

      16 Apr 2020 20:32  

      I was fighting the guardian in arena I hit and killed him and he died but before he died he did his spell to have fire hit me which it did and killed me. I came back the guardian is laying in middle of arena and I can hit him and his numbers go down till he dies again but it never respawns and I’m stuck in arena. I’m unable to continue to next area. Is there a way to reset I will battle him again or do I have to start game over. Signed frustrated brawler

      • 16 May 2019 09:48  

        So, i started this game a couple of days ago and i've already encounter an annoying bug, the "sound/voice bug" Basically i cannot hear any conversation or any sound during a cutscene with NPC or even during a fight with a Boss Is there a way to reverse this annoying bug ? The first two hours of the game where perfect, no bugs....

        • Anonymous

          16 Jan 2019 02:55  

          The lock-on mechanic broke during the third boss fight, Worshiper I think his name is. Made it so I couldn’t lock on to him or the blue spawn things. Deleted the game from my Xbox consequently. This game is ****ing broken.

          • Anonymous

            08 May 2018 06:04  

            Fix your game, I actualy usted the Run of adyr on my weapon And I got the "lead the humans yo Víctory" trophy

            • Anonymous

              05 Sep 2017 07:00  

              GAME BREAKONG DLC glitch. CANNOT leave the DLC. Teleported me to a dark area above the DLC where I fall through the ground and end up dying. Can see the ENTIRE DLC as well while falling from a birds eye view

              • Anonymous

                17 Apr 2017 18:33  

                I cant put my xp in to my spell points any more. It lets me put up my AP just not my SP. And some how ive got 2 heirloom at 85 and the upgrade one at 120.

                • Anonymous

                  Re. Invicibility Bugs29 Sep 2016 04:00  

                  I became invincible and invisible to enemies due to a bug. I was running past a bunch of enemies to get to my ghost ( seldom works out well) in the Rhogar's realm part.I ran down the stairs near where the first weird dragon-like creature and a forger are and attempted to open the first small gate you come to. I was getting attacked by multiple enemies but when the gate opening animation triggered they suddenly left.I thought I had just gotten lucky and seeing my health bar was empty, I drank a potion. My health bar remained empty. So I drank another. Still empty.At this point I suspected I must have hit a bug so I walked back out of the small room. None of the enemies responded to me but I was still able to attack them. Clearly as far as the game was concerned I was dead.I also discovered that I could no longer interact with objects. No prompt showed on shards. I didn't try leaving an area or interacting with any other doors but I suspect the same would apply.Unfortunately I discovered that falling, even from a small height killed me. Thinking about it that makes sense since it's not like the ground needs to detect you.I suspect that any door would work for this but the chances of timing it so an enemy drains your last health just as the door animation triggers seem pretty low!

                  • Anonymous

                    Too much electricity damage23 Sep 2016 21:09  

                    Ignore the anterior post. Well, I wanted the epic weapon from the annihilator but I forgot to kill him with an electric weapon, so I restarted the game, but at my second try, I died. Suddenly (I already saved the game), I was recieving way too much damage from electricity (ghost one shoted me) but i tried to fight the boss, and he killed me with any single hit. I tried everything to solve the problem, but I couldn't, so I killed the boss without getting any damage. But now I have to fight the twin brothers, and I die way to easy. Somebody help me, please

                    • Anonymous

                      Magic regeneration issue (PS4)14 Sep 2016 04:45  

                      For no apparent reason, my character's magic regen rate is slower than heck. I finished NG on Slot 1, then decided to start a fresh character on Slot 2. Got him up to 27 Faith, but his regen from empty to full takes about 80 seconds (55 with Faithful Disciple). I started to wonder if maybe Slot 1 was bugged and had way faster regen than he should, so I reinstalled it on PC (finished it last year, so my memory was hazy) to find that my character there had magic regeneration comparable to Slot 1 on PS4.I only just finished Worshiper and his dimensional portal, so I haven't reached Greed, which I know has been responsible for magic problems.Anyhow, filled Slot 3 with a character and got his Faith to 22, but he still has a horrible regen rate. Such a bummer. Tried swapping out all gear, quitting to title, rebooting the game, but nothing works.

                      • Anonymous

                        Heavy breathing07 Sep 2016 20:11  

                        During combat, while dual wielding daggers, my audio cuts out completely with one exception... Harkyn's heavy breathing.O.o

                        • Anonymous

                          Potion bug07 Sep 2016 11:08  

                          i've completed the injured monk's questline, given him 10 tryant hearts, but he does not upgrade my potion -_-

                          • Anonymous

                            Armor bug07 Aug 2016 15:58  

                            I wanted initially to play rogue, however the staff and griffin armor are so cool..... problem is i am credited 84 armor for the full set (should be 129 armor with the runes i put in there....) how so the total armor in the "armor" section on the botom left corner is not correct?

                            • Anonymous

                              Champion Off Ground - Invincible11 Jul 2016 17:47  

                              Has anyone seen this? I've been trying to kill Champion. I died about 10 times or so, and on approximately the 11th try, I went into his room, and he was about 2 feet off the ground, and he's completely invincible. When he charges, he goes above your shield if you're trying to block and stun him. I'm on the XBOX One console.

                              • Anonymous

                                Bug after annihilator!11 Jul 2016 17:47  

                                Hi ! I play on PlayStation4 - After I have beaten the Annihilator you enter a region where all of the beaten encounters supposed to be displayed. But the game just displays the first boss and the UI which pops then up does not disappear. I can run around - but thats all. ---> So it's very annoying and I can not continue the game!

                                • Anonymous

                                  I install game to xbox 1 hard drive as it plays offline but as soon as i go online it prompts the update and then epically fails and results in me having to do factory resets11 Jul 2016 17:47  


                                  • Anonymous

                                    Stuck in Keystone - 'Game Installing in Background'11 Jul 2016 17:47  

                                    Being told I can't leave to enter the Temple because my game is installing in the background. No progress and no updates needed. Fully updated. Game won't let me progress. Any solutions?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Doors / Chests not saying "It's Locked" when trying to open a locked door/chest11 Jul 2016 17:47  

                                      Towards the end of my first playthrough I noticed doors and chests no longer gave me the "It's Locked" message when trying to open them. I've created a new character and the issue persists. Playing on PC.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Catacombs pull down crowbar before champion boss nothing happens [PS4]11 Jul 2016 17:47  

                                        Just before the champion boss I killed the spider pulled down the crowbar but the door doesn't opens.

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