• Is this game open world?

The game is not an open world, but it's not linear either. You open more and more areas as you progress through the game, with a fair amount of secrets and optional explorations. The world is incredibly interconnected and will feel like a maze.

  • How do I unlock this door?

See the Quest Items page for a list of keys, where they are found, and the doors they unlock.

  • Can I upgrade Items? Can I unsocket Runes?

Runes are found in sealed small rune and big small rune variants, and you will need to locate the NPC Crafter to break the seal and reveal the runes inside. Runes are then placed in items with socket.png sockets.
You can remove a rune from an item at the crafter

  • Are there Parries and Backstabs?

Yes there are both and they require specific timing. Please see our combat page for details on this and energy management.

  • Is there a penalty for dying?

You lose the experience you are carrying when you dying and it remains on your ghost where you died. The xp will gradually bleed away over time, so you must hurry back to acquire all of it.

  • How does Experience work? Do you level up? Can you level up at any time?

You gain XP for killing enemies, completing quests and exploring the world. You can use XP to purchase Spell Points or Attribute Points. Every time you point a point into an attribute you level up. You must level up at a checkpoint and you must have enough experience to do so.

  • Where is the Annihilator?

((please help us improve this paragaph)
To find him you have 3 way's to go, and you need to go by 2 of them to use the lever which gives you acces to another quest mission and final lord fight.
1st one is to kill a boss called Guardian and then wreck everything in the maze to find the lever.
2nd one is when you had a checkpoint just near the cave with the spiders and pitfalls.
3rd one is after Infiltrator fight. You will have a big doors which opens a part of quest.
From 2nd and 3rd you can get to a 2nd lever and you can access Annihilator from there.

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