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 This weapon can be effective both for striking and blocking. And the name is ambiguous because its AdalĂșk meaning is "the one who...".

Special Effect: Improved block defense when used with both hands.

Obtained From: IHIR is obtained from the Demonic Weapons Pack DLC.




Main Hand

Damage 19       79 (at 1000 Strength)

Power 100%

Energy 100%

Weight 1.00

Requirements & Scaling

Strength Requirement 8
Strength Scale 3%
Attack Speed 85%
Critical Damage 100%


  Min Req 50 Str
Physical Damage 19 ??
Magic Damage 0 0
Fire Damage 0 0
Poison Damage 0 0
Lightning Damage 0 0


Physical Block Defense 80%

Moveset & Player Notes

  • Small video embed/link.
  • ie. Best x in the game for y class.
  • Slow attack speed compared to x.

IHIR 2.jpg

Term Explanations

This section explains the terminology used to abbreviate tables and to refer to game mechanics regarding weapons:

  • Damage: The total amount of damage dealt by the weapon.
  • Power:
  • Energy: The weapon's energy consumption per swing.
  • Weight: The total amount of units this weapon adds to your equipment load
  • socket.png : Empty sockets available or not for the weapon to be upgraded with runes

  • Attribute Requirement: The amount of a certain attribute needed to wield the weapon.
  • Attribute Scale: The percentage of bonus damage obtained from the attribute
  • Attack Speed: The weapon's swing speed
  • Critical Damage: The weapon's bonus damage when a critical is executed. It is corresponding to the base damage.

  • Physical Damage: Damage dealt that checks against physical defenses.
  • Magic Damage: Damage dealt that checks against magic defenses.
  • Fire Damage: Damage dealt that checks against fire defenses.
  • Poison Damage: Damage dealt that checks against poison defenses.
  • Lightning Damage: Damage dealt that checks against lightning defenses.

  • Physical Block Defense: Percentage of physical damage this weapon can block.

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