The Rebel

The war is won! This will shape history. Man has killed a God. Adyr will not mess with our fate anymore. His followers, having realized the defeat of their idol, scrambles into the shadows, like cockroaches when you lift a stone from the ground. now it is on to smash these very stones on their heads. Our time has come.

The Rebel is a Lore audiobook in Lords of The Fallen. This audiobook is part of the After the War collection. Finding these audiobooks gives the player insight into the game's story and lore, and is necessary for completing certain Trophies and Achievements.


The Rebel Location

  • In the Citadel. After you confirm with the Captain that all the Rhogar are dead. In the first room on the left.



Angry Priest  ♦  Judge Disciple  ♦  New Disciple  ♦  Old Priest


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