Rhogar Marauder

Updated: Mar 16, 2016 4:32 pm

Rhogar Marauders are the very first enemies the players will be introduced to in Lords of the Fallen. They wield only a greathammer with both of their arms, giving them a large amount of room to be attacked when in battle.

Variant one

Location NG? Health XP Weak to Resistant to Respawns?
Example Location 1 NG 120 ?? N/A N/A Yes
Example Location 2 NG ?? ?? N/A N/A Yes
Example Location 2 NG+ ?? ?? Fire Lightning Yes
Attack Damage type Status effect Parriable? Blockable? Notes
Two hit combo Physical None Yes Yes Standard attack
Two-handed attack Dark Posion Yes Yes Used when on low health
Drops Frequency
Drop 1 10%
Drop 2 5%
Strategy tips
Type of character Tip
General The best method when fighting against the Marauders, is to simply strafe side to side until they use they're strong attack. Once they're done this they can easily be punished with multiple hits or a backstab.
Casters The best method of dealing with this enemy is to simply get behind them to punish them, distracting them with a clone while you do this makes fighting Marauders easy.

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