Dark Deeds


More than Human

"They will come. I know they will. I know what will happen. I will do what needs to be done. Men are not strong enough to oppose them. So we need... more than men. My elixirs are getting better, the beasts are getting stronger. But their will is hard to control, maybe impossible. But when everything else fails, what other choice will we have?"
Location: In the "Beast Cage" (Catacombs) after you killed the Beast /TaRe

dark_deeds-mutations_small.jpg Mutations

"Evil stays in this world, I have to accept it. There is no way to really drive it away. The only thing I can do is channel it into new forms. Mutations. They may be our future. Many people will not like this, but they need to see that the alternative is not having a future at all..."
Location: In the Catacombs. Where you push the body into the hole for the "Fool of a Tuck" trophy/achievement.

dark_deeds-iii_small.jpg The Subjects

Today I was ordered to carry two monks down to the Catacombs. They were kicking and screaming, cursing the name of the Mighty Antanas.I don't know what awaits them in the darkness, but they deserve whatever is coming to them.
Location: Near the challenge crystal portal before the Lost Brothers. (Must kill them first)

dark_deeds-iv_small.jpg The Results

These monks... They do not deserve this! They were given some kind of elixir and it... it changed them. First they screamed in agony and fell down, motionless. Then... then they started to grow. Once engulfed in fire, second surrounded by lighting. I ran from there. I cannot watch.
Location: After the Lost Brother fight. At the end of the room.

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